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Posted by edwardjohn | May 09, 2013 @ 03:37 AM | 5,817 Views
Original thread here,

So I opted a Fatshark Predator Goggle for the main reason of convenience, because I've got only 2 hands to bring my fpv gears to the field. A goggle like Fatshark could be strapped on my head while exiting the car.
Since then i never had the mishap of dropping my radio tx into the drain when i ran out of hand.

I also purchased the set of dioptic lens but i have astigmatism and both my eyes have different prescription so those lens somehow don't match my eyes quite well so I still get blurry image.

And none of the local optic shop would be able to custom the lens for us because the lens size required for the fatshark is simply too small for the trimming machine to clamp on.

After months of searching for solution, a good friend who runs an optic shop suggested this.
Is to purchase the original uncut version of the spectacle lens/glass and cut it myself!This is how it looks like, that glass you are wearing was from these!
Sorry. Picture shown is after i cut.

So before you cut, get the measurement first. Depending on your lens thickness and how you would want to fit it. The following pictures may explain better.

According to the measurement you got, lay 2 layers of masking tape on it as a guide. That made it so much easier to cut and protect your lens as well.
Remember to * wear a mask(they release super fine powder!) * cut very slowly! * use a fine saw

And here's the...Continue Reading
Posted by edwardjohn | May 07, 2013 @ 04:30 AM | 8,693 Views
Original thread here,

So i got this F450 laid around without electronics last year(transferred to Reptile) and stumbled upon this yasuo840 on youtube showing his F450 converted a tricopter! it's a damn good idea!
Tricopter KK2.0 FW V1.0 LCD Control Board with Q450 Remodeling Vol.30 Test flight (6 min 6 sec)

Finally got time recently and kicked my ass to start the project.

And the parts were actually already landed in my room like months ago. I ordered them based on those good folks who shared tips of their diy tricopter such as,
1) David from http://rcexplorer.se/category/projects (check out the Tricopter V2.5) for tips on the rear servo
2) Oldman(not sure his name) or Hallstudio from http://www.youtube.com/user/hallstudio for the setup

Here's the result, took me one night

- F450 quad frame
- Sunnysky 1100kv
- F30A ESC
- HBK 30A props. (Lasted multiple crashes and even it's bent till there's a white spot, it still flies w/o complaint!)
- Test Zippy 4S 3000mah or 3S 1800-2200mah. The 4S 2200mah doesn't fit. Damn
- Trex700 landing gear ;D

The flight experience
1) First flown with 3S just to find out how it will fly, indoor. The maiden flight, servo was wobbling quite bad until you can hear oscillation/resonance sort of thing. So tried
- setting Yaw gain and Servo filter, tuning it up and down and still it's wobbling even at Zero gain.
- props off, check motor, prop adapter,...Continue Reading
Posted by edwardjohn | May 07, 2013 @ 03:56 AM | 8,574 Views