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Posted by drakonis | Dec 29, 2010 @ 05:02 PM | 3,148 Views
well hello again. well christmas was decent. i got an airbrush compressor that i was wanting and my awesome wife bought me a heli and the usual clothes etc. its a belt cp v1(got it used on craigslist). so i tried to fly off grass on christmas day and it was way out of trim. it crashed. toasted 1 servo and a set of wood blades. it makes a clicking sound when i spool it up and i havent messed with it since christmas. i was mad so i put it in the box and put it in the corner. so im gonna try to fly again soon since i got a spare set of electronics with it including a radio and all servos. his buddie crashed his and gave to him then i bought all of it for $80. not too shabby ide say. he only tried to fly twice. and alot of scooting around on concrete. he never got it off the ground. now i find myself buying aluminum parts allready. lol. so this christmas was ok in general other than my wifes van breaking down at my moms place. we got a ride home and the vans in the shop. well thats all for now. doug.
Posted by drakonis | Dec 06, 2010 @ 11:33 PM | 3,237 Views
hey its a first blog of any kind for me. lol. so im a truck driver for a local recycle company called maltby container and recycling. located in snohomish washington. i am the senior driver. ive been there for 8 years this december. its a great company to work for, i mostly enjoy my job but sometimes...lol. so im a dad to 2 very good boys. my oldest (nate) turns 19 this month (dec) and he is finishing up a few extra credits to graduate half a year late. he just started a full time job (his first) and says he enjoys it. my youngest brenden is confined to a wheelchair (spina bifida). hes a wonderful child. has his medical problems which worries the wife an i on a consistent basis but overall hes a cool eleven year old. loves nascar and spongebob. (yuk) lol. we have been on a make a wish trip for brenden to meet dale earnhardt jr back in 2008. trip was to chicagoland speedway. i have to say nascar is very gracious and generous. everybody we came in contact with were extremely nice.

im married to my wonderful wife kim of 19 years. we put up with each others issues like most married couples do. we have a cat named taboo. he a pain but i love him to death and would never give him up. we have a lizard named vagita (dragonball z reference) she is an argentine tegu (pronounced tagu). she is a 10lb fatty lizard. she is about 44" long and a neat pet. (cat and lizard dont get together as lizard sees cat as lunch lol) and i have a variety of freshwater fish.

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