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Posted by Bryan Davison | Feb 07, 2008 @ 10:15 AM | 4,624 Views
Just finished building a Aito V2...

The build is pretty complicated, and I wouldnt recommend it to any new electric flyers, or anyone that isnt REALLY familiar with F3Ai style building techniques.

I constructed mine using gorilla glue instead of CA. The plane is very light and fragile, and I felt that gorilla glue would be better than CA for a strong yet light build.

Equipment is as follows
AXi 2204/54
Jeti Advance08 plus ESC
Hitec HS-50 on elevator and rudder
Hitec HS-55 on ailerons
Berg 4L reciever
Polyquest 2cell 400mah lipos, VamPower 2cell 640mah, Thunderpower 2cell 730mah, CommonSense 2cell 800mah.

I figured I would try multiple different lipos in it to find the best match. So far the Polyquest, and VamPower ones seem the best match.

I used straight pins to pin the thing together while it was gluing up. The gorilla glue worked well. It gave me "working" time to line everything up before it set, and is super strong.
Wiring the wings with the string is a takes sometime to get it all squared up and locked in. But once it is, the wings are very solid. The Aito is a sparless design utilizing tensioned string to maintain rigidity.

AUW on the plane was 6.57oz.

CG positioning is critical on the plane. Nose heavy will result in the plane ballooning on loop exits, and not rolling axial. Tail heavy results in a high alpha flight, and slow down on rolling maneuvers.

Donuts printed the CG mark on the fuselage so instant reference...Continue Reading