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Posted by --Oz-- | Apr 19, 2017 @ 01:10 PM | 2,881 Views
UPDATE: On RCX 2206-2400 V2 motor magnet glue and stator issues. I have the new V3 for 21 days now, have 684 flights, and recently in hotter weather and zero issues, they really did a great job fixing the magnet glue issue and shorted stators. Back to the normal great quality and price RCX is known for, thanks Jen and Myrcmart!

I tested these new V3 motors and are working very well, excellent fix! Zero issues, 162 packs in 3 days. Most testing was 18 packs back to back, ~30 sec to change packs. Ambient temps was 65 to 72F, so not summertime temps.

Quality products are made with a strict proceedure, starting with incoming inspection of materials, though assembly, testing, and QA along the way. These motors have a lot of parts and materials being assembled, it's easy to just miss one quality step (material or proceedure) and have an issue. I think they are back on track to a great quality motor, one that does not need warranty purchase (should they give that option again).

UPDATE: 5-12-2017 Jen sent me a set of new V3 motors to test, will report back soon! Thanks Jen

UPDATE: 4-27-2017 Jen and myrcmart/rcxhobby is looking into fixing the glue issue (including updated flux ring with bottom lip) and I reported the problem with the shorted stators (easy quality material fix), I see light at the end of the tunnel!