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Posted by Bear_au | Dec 29, 2008 @ 03:40 AM | 3,343 Views
EasyStar setup for FPV .. run 2.4Ghz Video TX, OSD,G85 GPS module, Warp 4 brushless APC 6X5 prop 11.1 v 22oo mAh Lipo + 800 mAh to run the Video TX and cam, Pal cam 480 lines downlink to a Patch antenna, + Video recorder.. to Video googles (60") HeadTracker R1 for pan and tilt , TX Futaba 9 CHP TX 36 Mhz.. all of this is going to be transferred to another plane for VR and AP work.. maybe a modded Slow Stick.. with a E-flite 480 and an APC 12X6..
More on that later
Only other mod apart from the Brushless Motor is the rudder.. Specs on the unit are in the photo'
early run .. but with limited time I need to get some more done
Multiplex EasyStar VR Pan and Tilt (5 min 21 sec)

Posted by Bear_au | Dec 28, 2008 @ 11:13 PM | 2,419 Views
All taped up and ready to cover with film.. just need to run the Iron over the tape to try and remove small wrinkles in the tape and the wing tips
The centre fin holders I will add on after the wing is covered..So I can remove it if needed.(The holders I mean) there are X2 one top and bottom..
The bottom is the main holder for the fin the top will just have a short CF rod to prevent the fin from turning downwards.Keeping in at right angle to the wing.
Also Tiplets made to replace the centre fin.
There is a difference in the CG between the fins.. so for the moment I will try it with the tiplets and get setup at its best position then transfer that to the centre fin and see if it make any difference ?...
You can also notice that the tiplets go further back passed the elevons ( about 2.5cm )due to the curve on the wing tip...
See how It flys I might cut the tiplets down level with the elevons or just leave it as it is

The control horns need to be cut down.. I'll just leave the last X2 holes on the bottom of the horn also considering using blisters over the exposed rods to the horns.. but not a big deal at present.
In the next post you can see the Centre fin and the holders made from coro with the leading edge and sides of fin holders hot glued flat to reduce drag.