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Posted by totalywicked | Nov 24, 2014 @ 04:23 PM | 3,151 Views
Chapter 1 - Good Day
Another beautiful CA day. Oh what to do? Light bulb lets go out and fly…
I quick breakfast, signed permission slip from my air boss (wife) and a short drive and I am at my personal flying field (School).
A NASA stile preflight checklist (plane on the ground move sticks a bit) everything looks in order lets fly.
A short taxi to the runway, followed by clearance from the tower (quick look around). I am all set to go.
Smooth advance of a throttle and within few moments T-28 is airborne.
What a beautiful site. Recently adjusted control surfaces and what I can say is a perfect CG setup, made this bird fly like a dream.
Let’s kick off with few low and slow circles you know to get the feel for it. Enough of that let’s take it up a notch.
Full power, Scotty(1 cell 150Mah Li-Po) is working hard to give it all it got, and as always delivery was right on the money.
Rolls loops you name it. If fact pushing it is so hard is so much fun. Let’s go thru a full tank of fuel, yes we are going to empty it as fast as we can!!!
Hey look we picked up a spectator. I do not mind. This bird should be shared. Let’s face it it’s in the air is a majestic site.
Oh no!!!! We have an alarm; A beeping sound from a transmitter can only mean one thing. Battery is running low time to land. But why?!? Why?!? I am having so much fun. Oh well I have spares.

Chapter 2 – When Disaster Strikes
Uneventful landing is followed by an...Continue Reading