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Posted by I.C.O.N. | Mar 06, 2007 @ 10:18 PM | 3,832 Views
Been flying pretty seriously now for about a year. The electric heli's really got me me back into RC flight after Nitro left me a little sticky.

So through the winter, watching my T-rex collect dust I itched for something to fly. Heli's just require to precise of movements for me in the cold weather up here. So I bought a Parkzone Typhoon Plug-n-play. This thing is a real joy to fly. I never thought I would have this much fun with planes.

Here's a little Phoon flyin

I was having sooo much fun I decided to get a Parkzone Stryker Plug-n-Play since I have all the batteries and RX's I need and no electric motors or ESC's these plug-n-play's are just sweet!

Let me say that the StrykerC is a very nice plane out of the box. I never thought a 3 channel plane could be worth flying. But this wing takes 20MPH winds and tracks like a champ. She is pretty quick with the stock motor and ESC.

Here is the first Stryker video I have put together. It's not great but it is pretty hard to keep up with my flying and the speed of this bird.

I am very please with parkzone so far. No complaints. I wonder if my Heli will ever come back off of the shelf?

Have Fun!