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Posted by dmrcflyr2 | May 22, 2016 @ 02:46 PM | 5,206 Views
Well this engine does run and it runs quite well really. I have seen a few other videos of these engines running and this one runs just like those. For a Chinese made engine from the early 90's is is quite nice really. I have a total of three tanks through it now.

And to prove my assertion about it having one run on it from my previous post. I took the head off after the second tank to see what the valves looked like, Now the first image during dis-assembly is a snapshot taken from the video and isn't the best quality compared to the picture taken after the runs. The second snapshot from the video is showing what they looked like after I cleaned the exhaust valve. They looked the same. I think it is clear that I was correct. It was NOT a NIB engine when I got it.

There is considerably more carbon on the exhaust valve after my two runs than when I opened it up. I think it was merely fired up for about 10-20 seconds if that and then just put back into a box for however many years.

ASP FS80 First run (4 min 57 sec)

ASP FS80 the second run (7 min 50 sec)
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Posted by dmrcflyr2 | May 22, 2016 @ 10:56 AM | 4,776 Views
As promised last week, I did open this newly acquired engine up. It was sold to me as a NIB engine but subsequent internal inspection tells a different story. I initially was going to open it up to check for metal shavings from manufacturing and general quality. This is due to this being an early ASP engine made in China. These engine were not known for being of the best quality and I had heard stories of folks finding metal shavings inside new engines.

Although I did not find any metal shavings I did discover this engine was not NIB and never seen fuel. I could tell from the exhaust valve. It was a slightly different color on the face and at first I just dismissed that. But after dropping the valves I could see that discoloration going up the stem of the valve. This is clear proof that this engine had been run at least once before,

I completely disassembled this engine and pulled the bearings. They did not feel very good and I immediately ordered another set from RCBearings. I did lube them up and work them a bit and they felt much better. I did decide to just re-assemble the engine with these bearings and get a run or two in to see how the engine performs. Once the new bearings arrive I will be installing them.

This will also give me the opportunity to test the theory of how many runs this engine really had before I bought it. I cleaned the exhaust valve up to look like new and today I have run the engine 3 times. Those videos to follow.

It turns out this video just so happens to be my 300th video on my YouTube channel!

The first run videos will follow.

ASP FS80 A look Inside and my 300th YouTube Video! (13 min 7 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | May 17, 2016 @ 05:24 PM | 4,876 Views
Well here is yet another departure for me. I just purchased a CHINESE made engine.... While I normally, of late anyway, stick strictly with Japanese made engines, I made an exception here.

The ASP line of engine hit the market about 1989, at least that's when I bought my first one. I believe the FS 80 was ASP's first foray into the 4 stroke market as direct competition to the OS 70 Surpass. The age of this engine, it's rarity, and the fact that I got it NIB for under $100 is why I bought this engine. I figured if I was the first person to run it and break it in I couldn't go wrong.

As you can see this is a direct clone in design of the OS Surpass line of engines from the time period. Obviously I am not expecting the same quality as I would from an OS engine and I wasn't disappointed in that respect. The external appearance and casting is ...... rough to put it mildly.

Because of the fact that this is a Chinese made engine from 1993, the year this engine hit the market, I will be doing some tear down of this engine before running. I have heard of and seen metal shavings in some of the early engines from China. I want to make sure things are as right as they can be with this engine before I run it. Another reason is that there are no replacement parts for this engine.

Here are my initial pictures of this engine. This weekend I will be shooting a "Look inside" video of this engine as I disassemble and inspect the internal components....Continue Reading
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | May 08, 2016 @ 10:21 AM | 5,176 Views
So just for the fun of it I pulled out the three 45/46 size 2 stroke engines that I have. The engines being a Tower Pro 46, an OS 45 FSR, and an OS 46 SF.

1. The Tower Pro is a new engine not fully broken in. This is about the 4th tank run through it.
2. The OS 45 FSR is a used engine of unknown run time.
3. The OS 46 SF is a used engine of unknown run time.
4. All engines running the same APC 10x6 prop.
5. All running Morgan's Omega 10% fuel
6. All run on the same day, time, weather conditions.

This is purely for fun and is not meant to be a scientific

I thought the results were somewhat interesting. The OS 45 FSR for many years was the benchmark engine; I guess until the 46 SF came out anyway.

The 45 FSR really could not compete at all. I had it maxed out at 12,240 PRM and further leaning did not result in anything but a drop in RPM. It was a relatively low run time engine, so wear and age should not have played a role in its performance.

The 46 SF was obviously the king of this comparison. Again, a used engine, but a great runner nonetheless.

Now the Tower Pro could have been tweaked a bit more and I'm sure it would have turned pretty close to the 46 SF but I really did not lean it out fully.

All in all it was a fun comparison.
Tower vs OS performance runs (5 min 30 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | May 08, 2016 @ 07:44 AM | 4,777 Views
The nice used FA-56 I just purchased from RCG now has new bearings installed. Just a quick video showing it running after the replacement. It is just another sweet running Saito engine.

Saito FA-56 first run after bearing replacement. (5 min 22 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | May 07, 2016 @ 03:51 PM | 5,462 Views
This engine has waited possibly 30 years for this! Introduced to the market in 1983 and this being an un-run engine, who knows, maybe it has waited that long.

As usual with an OS engine of this vintage, there was nothing difficult about getting it running. I over primed it initially, but once that was cleared it fired right up. My first tank was spent running it between 4100 RPM and 6500 RPM alternating between the settings. This comes directly from the OS manual.

My second tank I began to lean it out just a bit peaking it at about 8500 RPM. It obviously needs more tanks and gentle running before reaching peak power but even on the second tank the idle was quite good. The airbleed screw was set at the factory and I didn't touch it. It was covering about half of the hole. All in all no surprises here, just another great running high quality OS engine.

OS FS-61 First drink of fuel (4 min 31 sec)

OS FS-61 Second run (6 min 1 sec)
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Posted by dmrcflyr2 | May 05, 2016 @ 06:20 PM | 4,299 Views
I have two recent acquisitions scheduled for the first runs by me this weekend.

The first is a very nice used Saito FA-56. This actually will not be the first time I ran this engine. I did a box to the bench review of it last weekend. The subsequent look inside showed the rear bearing was quite noisy and in need of replacement. It was a metal shielded bearing with the shields on both sides. This is not what Saito would install in this engine and the PO that installed this obviously did not know this. Either way it was quite rough and has been replaced now. So this will be the first run after bearing replacement.

The second engine is a very nice, never seen fuel 1983 OS FS-61 four stroke engine. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this gem I found on eBay was a never run engine. I will be starting the break-in of it this weekend.
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | May 04, 2016 @ 07:01 PM | 5,021 Views
So I have been taking some chances on buying engines from eBay in the last few months. I have been very happy with my purchases. My latest purchase for a whopping $52 was a vintage 1983 OS FS-61 four stroke engine.

This engine was listed as used and the box was very worn and tattered. It was not a complete package either. It came only with the box, a print out of the instructions manual, a spare head shim a few o-rings and a new piston ring. I was not disappointed in these things, after all, this was a used engine right?


I was going to make this a subject of another box to the bench review but I would not have been able to do that until Saturday. I decided to do A Look Inside instead and boy am I glad I did. As it turns out this engine is NEW and never run!!! What a great surprise! I was going to run this as a used engine, but now knowing it has never seen fuel I need to treat it very differently. The video shows the internal condition, but what it can't show is the smell of the tooling oil from the factory. There was not a single hint of glow fuel residue or smell in this engine at all!

OS FS-61 A Look Inside (10 min 58 sec)