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Posted by DismayingObservation | May 26, 2017 @ 08:36 PM | 11,359 Views
There's nothing quite as frustrating than to have a small, off-brand model which not only doesn't work, it never really worked properly from the start.

Late last year, I posted a blog entry regarding an RC Leading RC-126 hexacopter which arrived partially inoperative for an RCGroups review and eventually, totally inoperative.

Since then, the model has been sitting in its box, making it the only inoperative multirotor in my collection. I concluded that the transmitter is bad - or I'll soon see - since I actually found a parts source at long last! I had to order from overseas, but it's via PayPal and the company seems to have a good online reputation.

I also ordered the decorative propeller caps while I was at it since the poor little model often wound up crashing on its back. If this doesn't work, although I have every reason to believe it will, they also have the flight controller.

So, another resurrected model should soon be flying properly very soon.

Should anyone be interested in learning which outlet I used, please send me a PM since it isn't the same place which sent it in the first place.
Posted by DismayingObservation | May 22, 2017 @ 06:04 PM | 11,538 Views
Time and weather finally stopped conspiring against me; it only took a month and a half for me to finally maiden my rebuilt E-flite UMX F-16 with its custom Callie Graphics decals.

Yesterday was that day along with another resurrected model, my 980mm FMS Ki-61 high speed foamie. That was a case of "dumb thumbs" which could have been a lot worse. I was landing with the sun in my eyes, I let the speed drop too low and I stalled it in. All I needed were the fuselage, a spinner, the simulated pitot tube and removal and straightening of the landing struts. Other damage to the wing was cosmetic and easily repaired, so I really lucked out. I already had a prop and holy mother of speed, I missed flying that bird! It sat for a long, long time before I finally started the repairs a bit at a time.

I did some homework regarding the F-16. Others have written that it likes a lot of runway before liftoff and such was the case. Tracking was laser straight and when it lifted off, was it ever a thing of beauty.

As is the case with other UMX models I've flown which feature Horizon's excellent AS3X stabilization, the F-16 went exactly where it was pointed. It's also the fastest UMX I've ever flown; that little EDF gets really small really quickly!

Naturally, I couldn't resist getting a picture of the F-16 next to a Boomerang turbine in Thunderbirds livery!

Next project: The crash damaged HobbyKing DC-3 I reviewed for this site is being repaired and redone as...Continue Reading