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Posted by OkiThumper | Dec 04, 2012 @ 06:59 AM | 3,163 Views
I needed a C/L plane to make the homely A.C. Gilbert .074 look at home yet somewhat modern but somewhat vintage. Came across an old keith Laumer 1/2-A Gee Bee Z profile plan. Then wanted to have a little fun with it, relate it to the Ringmaster Brotherhood.

I came up with the Ringmaster Gee Bee Z variant. It adapts the fuselage of Laumer's Gee Bee, but retains the cockpit, rudder, elevator and wing of the .049 powered Sterling Beginner Ringmaster. To make it quick building and inexpensive, I used 3/16" thick (5 mm) poster foamboard, $2 from Wal-Mart. To keep it "scale" looking, it needed a cowl. I took a 3" (76 mm) diameter vitamin supplement bottle (GNC Mega Men Multi) and took a section of the bottle.

Attached is what I have come up with so far. With the look of the cowl and the genuine Gilbert putting out the horsepower of a Cox Sure Start .049, you can almost feel the 535 HP from the Pratt and Whitney Wasp Jr. engine.
Posted by OkiThumper | Nov 01, 2012 @ 04:49 PM | 3,156 Views
In my continuing clean up of stuff in the house, I came across something I built for my son almost 2 decades ago. It is the Goldberg Swordsman 18 (attached). Since I cleaned up a Testors McCoy .049 Reed Valve engine, (the last of the series before Testors ceased production I believe), I thought it a good match for this 1/2-A plane.
Posted by OkiThumper | Oct 09, 2012 @ 11:57 AM | 3,500 Views
I'm now in the process of restoring my crashed Sterling Kit FS-9 Minnie Mambo rudder only 1/2-A plane. Previously, it was controlled by an Ace R/C Pulse Commander with Adams Stomper Twin magnetic actuator and KRD sequential hi-med-lo quick blip throttle. As part of the rebuild, it will use modern micro servos mounted with direct linkages. To spice up performance, the old Cox .049 R/C Bee engine is being replaced with a Norvel .061 R/C Big Mig engine. Attached are some pictures of the rebuild.

Nov. 8, 2012 - Further progress on the venerable 1960's Sterling Minnie Mambo rudder only with auxiliary throttle. I've got the elevator covered. Fuselage has been planked and sanded, ready for last minute fill-ins with putty and covering.

Nov. 23, 2012 - Fuselage and tail feathers now covered, awaiting trim.