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Posted by Godservant4earth | Mar 14, 2013 @ 02:25 PM | 1,909 Views
Aloha fellow flyers,

I just bought the stryker and am anxious to get it in the air. I bound it with my Spektrum DX7 controller, but the elevator isn't working properly, I cant find anything online or on the forums if anyone else is having this issue, When the Elevator is up, only the right moves, and Elevator down left moves. Only way to get them both up is if the Stick is moved to the lower left corner.

How do I fix this? I haven't flown in years and I want to get back into it so fast, So fast in fact that I tried flying it vertically to test it, got out of my hand and broke off the corner piece... I didn't even get to fly it and I already broke it.

Time to order some glue...

Any help would be great, Because I cant figure it out. The DX7 is so advanced I get so confused.