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Posted by cyberhoops | Apr 05, 2012 @ 08:15 PM | 7,718 Views
The boat building season is (mostly) complete, and now we are into racing.

The new boats made it out for the first race day, and after some initial tweaking they ran very nicely.

The Hallmark flipped in heat 1, but gained a second in heat 2 and won heat 3. The Hallmark only needed a slight adjustment in the CG and fixing the rudder angle.

The Renault flipped in heat 1, had a loose drive dog issue for heat 2, and finished second in heat 3. I added an air dam to the bottom of the tunnel which should reduce the lift and keep the boat on the water.

The Red Bull finished all three heats and ended up with the overall win in the P-Mono class. This boat is still a work in progress for prop selection, but it is coming along.

All of the boats got some tweaks and should be ready to go for the next race. Construction is not quite done, since Kyle got a new LSH hull from ML Boatworks - their Sport 20 hull. So, that should be ready to race in a couple weeks.