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Posted by cyberhoops | Oct 12, 2011 @ 12:59 AM | 8,686 Views
Well, the Puget Sound Fast Electric race season is over, and thus begins building season.

The race season was fairly successful and I ended up 2nd overall in Limited Sport Hydro racing the Insane FE30.

The first building project will be the 1983 Miss Renault. I need a new 1/10th scale boat that will be lighter and hopefully faster than my current Miss 7-Eleven. I also tried the Circus Circus, but it was never running right. Like the real boat it did complete one heat and finished last. That boat is again retired.

At this point there were at least 3 boats in the club far faster than my 7-11 and a couple new boats being built. I think part of the cause is that the 7-11 hull weighed a fraction over 5 lbs, and something like 7 1/2 when ready to race. Meanwhile the Oberto hull we built last year weighed 2lbs 3oz, and was highly competitive. I am hoping the Miss Renault hull will come in at about 2 1/2 lbs and maybe 5 lbs ready to race. Construction of that boat has already started and the basic hull framing and sheeting of the sponsons is complete.

After that I think I will also build a classic roundnose 1/10th scale boat and race that class next year as well. That boat is looking to be the 1971 U-32 Hallmark Homes and will be built from laser cut bulkheads....Continue Reading