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Posted by cyberhoops | May 09, 2011 @ 01:03 AM | 8,865 Views
Saturday was another race day for the Puget Sound Fast Electric Club, and Kyle and I had a good day of racing. The weather... not so good. It was cold, windy and raining the entire day.

I managed to win the LSH class and Offshore class while Kyle won the P-Hydro class and 1/10th scale Modern class. In Offshore I was certainly not the best boat or driver, but I managed to finish 3 heats while rough water and wind flipped the other boats at least once. In the end I guess things even out since the last race we flipped and broke boats.

The only damage this week was a fried motor in the Circus Circus which again failed to really get up on plane. Since it was dragging a bit in the water that increased the current draw and toasted a Stilleto motor. It is time to retire that boat once again and go back to the Miss 7-Eleven. I think it might be a pretty reasonable boat with more power, but the P-Spec power system is just not enough to get it up and running properly. I may test it again at some point with the Fiegao 580L motor we have since that is probably enough power to get it working.

I managed to get a couple pictures of the 1/10th scale O'Boy! Oberto up and running. Most of the pictures were blurred because there was not enough light for my camera to take a picture with a high enough shutter speed to avoid motion blur.