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Archive for April, 2011
Posted by cyberhoops | Apr 24, 2011 @ 10:52 PM | 7,680 Views
Saturday was a perfect spring day for the Pacific Northwest and the second race of the season. (Actually the club's third race, but I missed one for a trip to Cancun.)

On one hand it was a successful day with my American Dream (Insane Fe30) wining the LSH class. Beyond that I twisted and broke the drive shaft on the Circus Circus, and the motor on the SV seized up taking it out of the mix. Both boats went down without even running a heat.

Kyle's day was also mixed. Hit managed to flip boats or hit bouys in 9 of the 15 heats he entered, but did manage to get his JAE Rigger up to 57.8mph using a modified 1650 prop.

Still a nice day for racing and we had fun.