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Posted by cyberhoops | Mar 22, 2011 @ 01:13 PM | 9,548 Views
We had our first official race for Puget Sound Fast Electric at the park in Granite Falls.

There were 11 drivers in attendance and roughly 38 boats in 8 different classes. The weather cooperated nicely and although it was a bit chilly (34 degrees) at the start of the day it probably hit the 50's by the afternoon with mixed sunshine and overcast conditions.

The racing was fun. I ended up winning the SV27 and Offshore categories (mostly by finishing all of the heats), coming in 2nd in LSH, and a distant third in 1/10th scale modern.

Greg Schweers took the OPC Tunnel, LSH and P-Spec Hydro classes, Byron Pimms was the 1/10th scale modern and classic winner, Scott Bickford won the P-Mono title.

The video below is some of the testing and the OPC Tunnel heat 1 race.

Since the race I have been working on props for the American Dream LSH boat with at least a bit of success. The original 1445 prop had the boat going about 46.8mph, and then 47.5 and 48.9mph with two different cut down 1450's. I did a bit of cupping on the tips of the 1445 and now I am getting 50.0mph with that prop. That has to be the easiest boat I have ever setup and it looks so smooth at 50mph. I know that there are people who have gotten runs of 55mph with the UL-1 motor and an ABC H5 prop, but I think they were running a Turnigy 120 ESC and pushed the timing up to 15 degrees. I think 50 is pretty good for a UL-1 speed control, but I am going to continue to experiment.

Puget Sound Fast Electrics Race 1 (2 min 59 sec)

Posted by cyberhoops | Mar 15, 2011 @ 12:17 AM | 10,712 Views
Saturday was a test day for the club, and we brought nearly the full fleet of boats to test. It rained the entire day, but other than that the testing was good.

For the most part it was a successful test day - especially since we didn't break anything. The Beacon Plumbing (Zephyr 27) and American Dream (Insane FE30) ran very nicely and are basically dialed in and ready to race.

The rigger (JAE21 FE) worked flawlessly but needed more get up an go, so we have changed out the Proboat motor for a UL-1 motor. The additional 400 to 500 Kv should take that boat up into the 50mph range.

The Oberto had more trouble getting up on plane, so the sponsons have been modified again to get more angle of attack. We will see on Sunday for the first race if that will work. When it did get up on plane, then the boat is quite fast.

Boat Test Day (3 min 26 sec)

Posted by cyberhoops | Mar 08, 2011 @ 08:55 PM | 9,933 Views
With 3 days to spare I finally completed the work on a Zipkit JAE21 FE rigger. This coming Saturday will be the first test day of the race season with the PSFE club. This should be a fun little boat to race.

Since the weather was nice today, and rain is expected for the weekend I took the boat over to the lake for some quick pictures.

The boat is currently Proboat powered, but that will likely change to UL-1 power at some point. All of the hardware is from Zipkits, along with a Traxxas waterproof servo, a cut down 1450 prop and a Turnigy 120 ESC.

The ESC is tucked away under the battery, and the battery has about a 1/16th inch clearance to the hatch.... tight, but it fits.

I am looking forward to Saturday - rain or shine.