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Posted by cyberhoops | Nov 26, 2010 @ 01:17 PM | 7,435 Views
It was a battle - but the cowling of the 1982 Oberto is finally painted and ready for some detailing.

The first round of painting was pretty much a failure - the white paint didn't stick and proceeded to peel off when I taped it up for the red. After stripping it down, redoing the primer and repainting that seems to be fine now. Then when fixing up the green the paint wrinkled up - so that had to be stripped off and repainted again - followed by fixing up the white again.

I will probably do a bit more touch up, but now I am just waiting for the 70's era driver and Merlin exhaust stacks to arrive. I still need to build a steering wheel, some interior details and the Merlin's intake scoop.

Add clear coat and some decals... I think this will be fine.

With some paint on the hull, it is pretty close to matching the Mini cooper "Chili Red".

The green paint for the sponsons all worked out fine, so now it is just doing tape for red and green to paint the last bits of white. Then decals and detailing in the for the cockpit should finish the construction. The decals are already on order from Wesley's Custom Graphics.

With the paint finally complete I put all the hardware in the boat for a weight check. The total weight came out at 5 lbs 8 oz, which is right at the target weight.

The overall cost of the boat to this point for materials - wood, paint, glue, and so forth is $306.00. That includes the motor mount but no other hardware since that is all be re-used from other boats.
Posted by cyberhoops | Nov 19, 2010 @ 11:52 AM | 7,233 Views
The 1982 Oberto has made steady progress, but just not much for visible changes. The boat is now sealed with epoxy and there has been a lot of sanding.

The hardware has been all setup - rudder, strut, servo location and mounting plate, motor mount and the stuffing tube is installed. Since the bottom of this boat is 1/32nd plywood the bottom of the boat has been braced in several places with carbon fiber strips. Those strips certainly improved the strength and rigidity of the hull.

For finishing and paint the plan is:

1) Coat of finishing epoxy - sanded with 150
2) 2nd lighter coat of epoxy - sanded with 220
3) Duplicolor sandable primer - sanded with 320, nearly sanded off
4) Fill any obvious flaws
5) 2nd coat of primer - sanded with 400
6) Apply color using Duplicolor paint
7) Sand with 600???
8) Clear coat.

I have more time off now through the end of the year, so I should be able to get things moving a bit quicker.
Posted by cyberhoops | Nov 06, 2010 @ 01:28 AM | 7,270 Views
Work continues on the 1/10th scale Oberto, with the addition of the top decking. The center section of the deck will be removable and taped down for racing.

I have started to build up the cowling. I am building it over the taped down center section to that the proper curvature of the deck is maintained.

Right now the entire hull with the wood work nearly complete weighs in at 2lb 3 oz. I am hoping that the overall boat when ready to race will come in between 5.5lbs to 6lbs. That would be a more than a pound lighter than the 7-11.

Update: The cowl is nearly done - just some sanding and work on the fillet at the bottom of the cowl to finish. The nose piece is also on so that pretty much completes all of the wood work. There will be some scale detail work to do in order to make the driver cockpit a bit more realistic, but I like the basic shapes. With the wood working finished the boat weighs 2lb 7oz., which is ok I think. The next item on the build list will be to do some fiberglass work on the sponsons and deck joints for a bit more strength.

The scale driver is on order - a 1/10th scale 70's era driver from Hansen racing along with their Merlin exhaust stacks. The plan for decals is to get a set of scale decals from Wesley's Custom Graphics.

For power I hope that the new Proboat and Aquacraft 1800Kv motors get approved for use in 1/10th scale at the PSFE winter meeting. If so then I think that one of those will be a good motor for this boat.

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Posted by cyberhoops | Nov 05, 2010 @ 10:23 PM | 7,366 Views
Well, I had a couple pinewood derby car kits around the house, so I decided to hack, slash and make some wood chips. The primary inspiration was to make a hydroplane shaped pinewood derby car. It was a fun project so I built a second one with a more modern shape.
Posted by cyberhoops | Nov 01, 2010 @ 01:22 AM | 8,370 Views
There has been some progress on the 1982 Oberto for 1/10th scale, with the sponsons completed and attached to the boat. THe build is going pretty cleanly so far - but then again it should be going pretty well considering this is the third time we have built this boat.

There was our first LSH boat as the 82 Oberto in 1/12th scale. That was a mainly balsa boat that ran great but was insufficiently waterproofed and fell apart after a few runs. Then we built that boat from plywood, reused the balsa cowling from the Oberto and painted it as the Executone. That boat is ok, but we didn't get enough angle on the sponsons and it didn't plane properly. (If we were to add some ride pads I think that could be fixed). Now we scaled the boat up for 1/10th scale. Hopefully the third time is a charm.