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Posted by cyberhoops | Oct 28, 2010 @ 10:49 PM | 6,409 Views
The second race season is over, and the new building season has begun.

The race season was pretty successful and I ended up winning the end of year championship for SV27, and finished second in both 1/10th scale and LSH.

Kyle and I have already starting building a new boat for next year in 1/10th scale - and we are going to do the 1982 Oberto. We like this boat because it is pretty easy to build and it does not have a rear tail! For the most part a rear tail seems to be extra weight, easy to break and not much for up side.

We are going to try to build this boat a lot lighter than the 7-11, and are using thinner wood pretty much all around. The 7-11 used 1/8" wood for structural pieces and 1/16 for the bottom of the hull. The Oberto will be 1/16 wood for structural pieces and 1/32 for the bottom of the hull. We will try some carbon fiber strips to strengthen the bottom of the hull so that it does not flex too much.

So far we have the hull framed and pink foam shaped for the sponsons. The sponsons will be built flat, and then glued to the sides of the hull.