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Posted by cyberhoops | Nov 19, 2009 @ 06:57 PM | 6,641 Views
The parts arrived today for the 30" catamaran - all nicely laser cut, and they fit together perfectly.

The plan is to run the boat with a UL-1 motor and ESC, Offshore Electric drive hardware and 4S LIPO power for racing in the spec offshore category next season. The planned paint scheme will be a black and green "Monster Energy" boat.

I am quite excited.

Meanwhile, the 7-11 has been making progress with the bottoms of both sponsons now sheeted up and the cowling under construction. The cowling is all balsa, and will have a layer of fiberglass cloth over it for strength and ding protection. The plan is to make the exhaust from a Estes B-80 rocket body tube that will be covered with Flight Metal for the aluminum look.

After some weight and balance tests I think the tail is just too heavy and is really messing with the overall balance of the 7-11. The tail was made from solid basswood and all three pieces weighed 5.6oz. The new plan is to cut out the center section, fill that with pink foam, then put a layer of fiberglass cloth over the wings, as in the picture below. It looks like the modified tail will weigh 2.7oz, so basically cutting the weight in half.
Posted by cyberhoops | Nov 11, 2009 @ 05:38 PM | 5,920 Views
Now that the racing season is over it is time to start the building season.

First up will be the 1985 Miss 7-Eleven in 1/10th scale from Roger Newton plans. This boat has been started and the hull is framed up. The graphics for the 7-11 will be from Wesley's Custom Graphics ( who have a pretty wide range of boat graphics and can do them in 1/10th scale.

Next will be a 30" catamaran from plans courtesy of JesseJ on the Offshore Electric forum. The original boat plans are to make a 26" boat, but I am going to scale it up and go for 30" and race it in the P-Spec Offshore class. The plan here is to get the boat parts laser cut. I have contacted Alex Guzman ( to do the custom laser cutting and it should be shipping out today. At this point I would highly recommend Alex for laser cutting. He digitized the layout from a PDF file, scaled it up and will be cutting all of the parts in 1/8" light plywood for $40, plus $15 for shipping. I am pretty excited about this boat.

The 3rd boat will be a 1/12th scale 1985 Miss Rock or 83 Oberto for LSH built from the Dave Frank plans for the Oh Boy Oberto. We built this boat once before but used balsa and had it self destruct. This boat will be built with the plywood and pink foam method that worked out nicely for our other boats. Kyle is the primary builder for this hull and is using it to get his feet wet in the whole building process. However with Kyle being a dad and expecting a new daughter this month... I think I may be doing more building as time goes on.