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Posted by cyberhoops | Jul 20, 2009 @ 05:09 PM | 5,499 Views
In the break between races we have been working on the boats and mostly on a new SV-27, a Titan 33, and repainting the older SV27.

For paint it is all Duplicolor automotive paint and we tried for a similar paint scheme on all three boats. The Titan and the new SV both use Duplicolor chameleon paint. The Titan has green/purple chameleon and the SV has red/blue chameleon.

The Titan will have Feigao 580 6L power, a Turnigy 180 controller, and Hyperion 4s 5200 batteries.

As an end of season update - we burned up the 580 6L and the controller in the last race of the season. I think the 6L and M445 prop was a bit too hot. We were getting pretty high motor temps which I think seized up the motor, which shot the amp draw through the roof and burned up the ESC. For next season we will try the Feigao 7L motor. Then we will be running more like 90 amps, have a longer run time with the 5200mah batteries, be able to check amps with the Eagle Tree logger, and hopefully run cooler.