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Posted by cyberhoops | Jun 09, 2009 @ 11:20 AM | 5,503 Views
Race 5 for the Puget Sound Fast Electric Boat Club was the "Bandit Cup" and it was a very nice day at Lake Tye in Monroe for racing. The Bandit Cup itself is a big traveling trophy and was raced in the LSH class.

The format for the Cup was 3 heats to qualify 5 boats for the final, plus a consolation heat where the winner made the final. That put 6 boats into the "winner take all" final. Kyle and I were both in the final. Kyle had been running pretty good all day. My Miss 7-Eleven had finished all of the heats but was down on speed. I finally figured out it was the battery and switch to a different set of batteries for the final.

For the final I managed to get into lane 1 while the other boats were swinging a bit wide at the start and hit the line perfectly. Kyle was back a bit and racing side by side with Scott Bickford's UL1. The Miss 7-Eleven was running good and in clear water to pull away to a significant lead. But, on the backstretch of lap 5 I had a radio issue and went dead for about 10 seconds. That was just enough time for Kyle to pass me and win the final with the Twin Wing American Spirit. Woot!