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Posted by cyberhoops | Apr 27, 2009 @ 01:46 PM | 5,611 Views
Sunday was our second race with the Puget Sound Fast Electric club at Granite Falls. (It was actually the 3rd race for the club, but we missed one.)
The weather was far better than the previous outings. It started out cool - in the 40's - but the sun was out and it warmed up during the day. Roughly 10 racers were there racing SV27 (6 boats), LSH (6 boats), P-Mono (4 boats), P Offshore (4 boats), 1/10th Scale (5 boats), and Tunnel hulls (4 boats).

Kyle had a good day of racing with the American Spirit and 1990 Oberto getting a second place finish in both events. My 7-Eleven had a variety of problems including radio problems and never finished a heat. The Atlas raced to 3rd place in 1/10th scale and had some good battles with the Oberto including a couple deck-to-deck laps in heat 3. Kyle also ended up 3rd in the SV27 class which could have been higher until he flipped the boat running up a rooster tail in the 3rd heat.

The good news is that I don't have to build or rebuild any boats before the next race.

The race was sponsored by Team Kaos and they supplied some nice prizes and a great lunch.

Speaking of Chaos, that would have described the P-Mono and Offshore and wild with more flipping than finishing.
Posted by cyberhoops | Apr 21, 2009 @ 06:25 PM | 5,453 Views
Last weekend the weather was nice and we got in a test session for the American Spirit and the newly built 7-11. A short video was uploaded to the site for some of the testing. The camera focus had a little trouble with the light coming off the lake ... but any sunlight is a welcome thing about now.

Test Session

We ran the American Spirit with a modified X645 prop that had a Barr cut and detounged. We also lowered the strut down about 1/4th inch since pictures from the first race seemed to indicate it was a bit down and wet at the stern. The boat just runs great - stable and fast. I think we need to get some data logging done on the boat to verify the amp draw, but it sure looks good to me.

The new 7-11 also ran nicely, although it did hit a wake at one point that nearly flipped the boat. I don't know that I can really adjust for that. The 7-11 ran with the 42/58 3 blade Grim Racer prop. It cavitates a few second before it gets up on plane but overall it seems to be working. I think I want to try this boat with another modified X645.

I need to do more work on the Rigged Insanity. I found that I had not been careful enough with the sponsons and they were not all that accurately aligned. This was likely the cause of the problem where the boat just did not want to track a straight line. I think I have that fixed, but now the boat is taking on water, so that has to be addressed. I think the sides and bottom of the boat are no longer water tight. This boat has been a real challenge to get running anywhere near its potential.

The next Puget Sound Fast Electric race is just 4 days away, but I think we will be ready to compete. It would seem that Darin Jordan's new Miss Elam is running up near the 50mph mark... pretty impressive, but I think we can be close.
Posted by cyberhoops | Apr 17, 2009 @ 02:24 AM | 5,466 Views
After a fun week in Vegas, it is back to building the Pak replacement.

The original plan was to reuse the cowling from the first Pay-n-Pak, but that has not worked out. When I moved the motor forward for balance the motor ended up a bit higher up and the old cowling does not fit. I should have designed the motor mount to be lower, but 20-20 hindsight is wonderful.

I made a new cowling that is more of the fast back style, but now it is not really a Pay-n-Pak anymore (not really any hydro). I do like the fact that the cowl is held down by a a tab in the nose and two allen bolts and blind nuts in the back. While it will not be totally water tight I dislike tape-down hatches. At some point I will have to come up with a truely water tight hatch that does not tape down.

After due consideration I decided to use a paint scheme modeled after the 1985/6 Miss 7-11. In terms of boat history the Pay-n-Pak equipment was solid in 1983 to Steve Woomer, who then modified and raced the boat as the Tosti Asti in 1984. In 1985/6 the boat was sponsored by 7-Eleven and in 1986 the F-16 canopy was added. So, there is some history of the Pay-n-Pak through to the Miss 7-Eleven although by that time a front wing had been added to the hull.

Attached are some pictures of the completed paint scheme. I used Duplicolor auto spray paint and inkjet waterslide decals and then finished it all with Duplicolor clear coat.

The hardware is going in now so it should be ready for...Continue Reading
Posted by cyberhoops | Apr 01, 2009 @ 01:52 AM | 5,395 Views
I got started Sunday night cutting out parts for the rebuild of the Pay-n-Pak after the sponson disintegrated at the end of the first heat of racing.

The new build will be 1/8" plywood for the sides of the sponson, 1/16" plywood for the bulkheads and bottom and 1/32" plywood sheeting over foam for the deck.

This should make it strong enough to hold together for the season.

At this point I have the framing done, the foam shaped for the sponsons and the bottom and side sheeting in place on the sponsons. Next up will be the non-trip chine.

Pretty soon I need to test fit the hardware again and work out the balance. I think I will try to move the motor slightly farther forward this time to help with the balance since the previous boat required a couple ounces in the sponsons to get the CG right.