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Posted by cyberhoops | Mar 28, 2009 @ 11:11 PM | 5,036 Views
Race day 1 is completed on a wet and rain soaked Saturday at Granite Falls. We raced the Pay-n-Pak and American Spirit in LSH, an SV-27, the Oberto and Atlas in 1/10th scale, and the Rigged Insanity in P-Hydro.

Overall the results were good. The Atlas finished 2nd in 1/10th scale, the SV ran a respectable 2nd, and the American Spirit was 3rd.

The Pay-n-Pak ran one heat and just 5 feet after crossing the finish line at the end of the heat it "blew up" - where the right sponson tore off the boat. Up to that point it had looked good in the water. I will not be using any balsa on any boats in the future, that's for sure. Now it is time to build another Pay-n-Pak.

The American Spirit Twin-wing ran perfectly. For a new boat with zero testing it ran exceptionally well and finished 3rd out of 8 boats.

The Rigged Insanity was a total handful where it had issues with pulling right, then left. It finished one of 3 heats and rolled over and played dead on the other two. It actually ended up second - but only because there were only 2 boats.

The 1990 Oberto was running quite nicely, but broke the strut a couple laps into the final heat, but fortunately it did not cause too much damage.

The Atlas had some radio receiver issues, but after changing out to the reciever from the Pay-n-Pak, that solved everything and the boat ended up 2nd out of 7 boats. I guess that was the up side of having the Pay-n-Pak scratched.
Posted by cyberhoops | Mar 25, 2009 @ 12:49 AM | 4,861 Views
Well, the twin wing has some paint now, and the hardware is here, so unless something goes wrong the boat should be ready for the first race in 4 days.

The paint is in the style of the American Spirit with decals to follow.

[Edit] The graphics are now on except for the vertical tail graphics.

[Edit] The boat is now totally done and ready for racing. The final weight is 4lb 4oz and the balance point is between 1.5 and 2 inches behind the sponson. Racing is tomorrow...
Posted by cyberhoops | Mar 19, 2009 @ 09:14 PM | 5,725 Views
Except for some final sanding/filling/buffing the construction of the hull for the twin wing is complete. The upper hatch was covered in light fiberglass and the wood work is done.

I still need to figure out how I will attach the cowl, install hardware, build a bit of a waterproof radio box, etc, etc...

The current weight is of the boat hull is 1lb 10oz.
Posted by cyberhoops | Mar 17, 2009 @ 01:21 PM | 5,076 Views
The construction of the new twin-wing replacement boat for the lost American Spirit has made some additional progress with getting the hatch/cowling built and more of the surfaces sheeted.

The next step will be to temporarily install the hardware so that I can check the CG. Since the deck sheeting has not been applied it will be easier to add nose weight if needed.

Once I have the CG close... then I can see about finishing the sheeting and doing some fiberglassing. I have never done fiberglass over balsa before as a finishing technique, so this should be interesting. The plan for paint and decals is to get another set of American Spirit decals and name this one the American Spirit 2.

I still don't think it will make the first race is 10 days, but the second race two weeks later should be good.
Posted by cyberhoops | Mar 12, 2009 @ 07:51 PM | 4,767 Views
So, construction is underway for a new boat after the American Spirit sank. I had a set of 1/8th scale plans for the 1993 Circus Circus, so I reduced them down to 1/12th scale and started building.

The sponsons were initially created by building them flat with just the bulkheads for shape - no stringers that were in the plans. The pink foam then forms the shape which will be covered with 1/32nd inch plywood and then fiberglassed.

From what I can tell there will be enough room in the body for the running gear and the battery will be positioning right over the front wing - hopefully that is far enough forward to get the CG close.

The overall shape seems to be working and there will be plenty of foam in this one so that it does not sink.
Posted by cyberhoops | Mar 09, 2009 @ 01:39 AM | 4,592 Views
We did a little testing today with the American Spirit and it looked like it was running pretty nicely - until it flipped... and then sank in 25 feet of water. There is almost no hope of recovery.

I am not sure why it sank, there should have been flotation in the sponsons, but I guess it was not enough. Very annoying. Even my GPS went down with the boat.

That makes it time to build another boat for LSH racing, and there are only 3 weeks from yesterday before the first race. I don't think it will be possible to get another boat built and ready to run in 3 weeks. I have started building a 1993 twin wing Circus Circus hull from Roger Newton plans, but I just barely have one sponson completed. This was going to be my experiment in building a fiberglass hull since the center section of the twin wing Circus is a very rounded shape, but now it will have to be more than just an experiment. That boat it will be slower to build since I am not exactly sure how to build it and it will require some building techniques, like the lost foam method for the hull, that I have not used before.

It would be nice if Randy Naylor had one of his 27 inch Zephyrs for sale now, but no such luck.