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Posted by cyberhoops | Jun 26, 2006 @ 05:39 PM | 6,664 Views
With appropriate credit to Mirco Pecorari for the artwork of the design itself - I scratch built foam version of the GeeBee R3, which I labeled a GeeBeeX.

I was only working from the profile view of Mirco's GeeBee R3, so the wing shape and tail feathers are no doubt not what Mirco had in mind. Also - for weight considerations I made it a hand launch plane.

It is 30 inches long and has a 36" wing span. All up weight right now is 19.2 ounces.

It is built from EPS and Depron, powered by the Ultrafly Frio E/10/10 motor with a 2100mah 3 cell lipo, an Eflite 20amp speed control and a Berg-6 GIII receiver. It has a total of four HS-55 servos for the ailerons, rudder and elevator.

The body is a center section of 6mm Depron, cut to include the vertical stabilizer. The rest of the body is 0.5 inch EPS foam stacked into 2 layers on either side of the Depron and then sanded to shape. That made it slightly more than just a profile plane, but somewhat less that a full 3d body. The elevator and rudder are also 6mm Depron.

The battery, radio and speed controls are mounted into slots on the right side of the body and basically flush to the surface.

As for flight characteristics ... I am going through the trimming process now, but it will do all of the standard aerobatics and flies quite nicely.