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Posted by Get Real | May 25, 2008 @ 05:22 PM | 7,503 Views
I get asked from time to time in threads and pm's about the noggin cam and have been meaning to post some detailed info all in one place for shooting video without a camera person so anyone can learn or try this method out easily.

The two most common questions:

1.What type of cam is it?

Its made by FlipVideo and i use the 30 minute ultra series versions,there 5 ounces and take 2 aa batteries and can be mounted easily on a hat,rc planes and other vehicles or hand held for shooting video of various types. You can find them at kmart,walmart,bestbuy and a whole lot of other places. The 30 minute versions go for $99.00 and sometimes less and $129.00-$149.00 for the 60 minute versions.

2.Hows It Mounted?

Ive used it a couple of ways to shoot video while i fly. The easiest to duplicate is on a standard baseball cap mounted on the visor. Youll want to angle it upward slightly because it points where your head points and not where your eyes look.. you fly less with head movment than eye movement so having it angled up slighly keeps the plane in frame during verticals etc a little easier. A velcro strap or rubber band can be used to get it angled for your flying style... ie the further you keep the plane out the larger the cameras field of view and if you spend most of your time flying a countinous pattern the plane will stay in frame.

As long as you have a point and shoot camera that wont strain your neck wearing it on the visor of a hat you dont need a new camera.. point and...Continue Reading
Posted by Get Real | May 24, 2008 @ 10:27 PM | 4,045 Views
Tryed a couple new things on the katana today.. It was on rails at speed and really flew well considering the wind. The sfg's improved flight overall and really helped with rudder authority and tracking.. Did i say this plane has monster power with the motrolfly 3625-800 in it? The motor is a beast .

Motrolfly 3625-800kv with 15x7 prop

Motrolfly 3625-800kv with 14x7 prop
Posted by Get Real | May 19, 2008 @ 03:09 AM | 3,913 Views
Note to self.. get some sleep before flying,was nice to get out in the EARLY morning though for a flight before the winds really kick up . The kat was fine even after scrapping the wing tip twice,the tail tap at end then scrapping the wing tip on the rugged growth is what got me finally .
Posted by Get Real | May 13, 2008 @ 11:51 PM | 3,566 Views
Calm evening flying,really nice to fly without wind,was able to get a better feel for the plane finally. Eventually i'll do some of these in epp,i like depron but epp is very light and resilant and ive wanted to work with it for building for a while. Heres some video from today,it was almost to good to be true not having the wind around and a couple minutes after the first flight it started raining.

Scratch Built Foamy Calm Evening 5-13-2008 (8 min 40 sec)

Posted by Get Real | May 11, 2008 @ 09:42 AM | 3,807 Views
1200 watts is a lot of fun,having connectors come loose isnt .
Velox crash

Scraping some weeds with the 55'' shp
Posted by Get Real | May 05, 2008 @ 09:43 PM | 4,149 Views
This ones a little different than my previous foamys(airfoiled wing). I basically threw this one together with 6mm depron and stuff i had laying around.. it shows in the AUW.. especially all the elmers ultimate i used and the owens pink insulation i used for formers and the motor block/gear block(21.3oz). For a spar i used some square motor mount stock.. that was heavy to but i wasnt to concerned with the auw weight to much. It was a little breezy but not to bad for a maiden,had fun regardless and it flew ok.. needs some tweeks but is fun enough to mess around with .

Scratch Built Foamy 5-5-2008 (4 min 7 sec)

AUW 21.3 oz
39'' Wingspan
43'' Length..Spinner to rudder

2 hs-65 MG's
2 hs-65 Karbonites

Power Set Up:
E-flite 400 920kv Outrunner
E-flite 20 amp esc
Tp-1320 Prolite
Apc 11x3.8 SF Prop

Spektrum AR6000 reciever,DX-7 Radio
Posted by Get Real | May 05, 2008 @ 12:10 AM | 3,936 Views
Its been a while but i finally got some ap flying in. I'll be doing more AP flying throughout the summer ....Continue Reading