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Posted by Get Real | Nov 30, 2007 @ 08:16 AM | 5,583 Views
Its that time of year again.. freezing cold and snow are on the way . When its cold outside i dont have the month of may.. but i do have some depron . More pics and specs coming,i really wanted to do it lighter and out of epp but there wasnt any epp around locally. Pattern hybrid,big fun fly airfoiled wing.. all 6mm depron so its a bit heavy but i wanted to finally do an airfoiled wing.. think i'll do a flat design yak or something next if i can ever find some epp around here.
Posted by Get Real | Nov 25, 2007 @ 01:13 AM | 5,599 Views
The last time i flew foam was around 6 months ago.. and it was a scratch built of my own design. Here it is winter and design time again for foamys but this was a production foamy not one of mine,cool little plane with plenty of potential.. just need to add more expo and bigger throws but thats why you fly maidens . Using a camcorder sitting on the car is so lacking,even with editing etc it misses so much and its difficult to have someone around when i fly on the weekend usually to shoot video so i decided id try a pov set up,i just rigged it up mcguyver style before i left and flew one pack in the plane.. it was freezing out . I plan on doing a lot more with video just like with flying but time and money always seem to be lacking. The pov vid came out pretty well but it will improve with trial and error.. works good for close in 3D etc.... had a hawk wonder what the heck i was doing,he had to check out the foamy .

Video:Stay Away From My Foamy Hawk !
Posted by Get Real | Nov 19, 2007 @ 04:46 AM | 5,572 Views
Went to the big field sunday. Weather was cold and a little windy,got two flights in,one with the ebt and one with the extra 300 shp.. flew both planes on 4s so i had fun despite not flying to well with freezing hands . After landing the ebt i answered some questions others had about it etc... 3DHobbyShop planes always draw attention in the air or on the ground at the big field ,then it was time to get a flight in with the shp before i had to leave,i waited a bit to take up the shp.. during the shp flight one of the last guys at the field seen me take off i guess and came over to watch,he was really taken back that the shp held up to some of the flying i was doing,i assured him it was a routine flight pretty much for the shp and its been flown harder and held together no matter how hard i flew it,told him ive broken other planes in the air but not 3DHobbyShop planes . He was really impressed with the performance and power the plane has and i told him as well as others earlier about the 3dhs planes and the combos to make it easier for non electric pilots to get complete packages that work well from the start without guessing. Almost every time i go to the big field someone comments.. thats all you have(meaning a plane and a small box for the tx and lipos etc). Unfortunatley a very nice ultra stik with a 4 stroke went in a bit earlier while talking to the first guys that came up and it was the guy that was watching when i took off. So i have some video of the crash site...Continue Reading
Posted by Get Real | Nov 16, 2007 @ 04:23 AM | 5,869 Views
Ive been flying the 53'' EBT (Electric Basic Trainer) for several months now,not only is it a great plane to learn to fly with for new pilots.. It''ROCKS''for AP . Mine came in just over 41oz auw with the suggested set up and its flown great even at over 50oz lugging ap and video cams around the sky . I fly everything i can but never would of thought id have so much fun with a trainer.. yes it hovers to . This is my second year of flying and first year shooting ap,ive shot video prior from the sky but ap captures things a little differantly and is just as cool as video from the air. I plan on getting some ap flying in during the winter as well. Heres some fall pics of various areas i shot ap at this week with the EBT .
Posted by Get Real | Nov 12, 2007 @ 07:45 AM | 5,833 Views
Had Time for one flight with the aspera this weekend and got some video of it speed potential . Last flight for the aspera probally this year,borrowed gear from my ebt to get it back in the air and now its back in the ebt and the torque 4014t 5s set up ive been running in it is going into a 55'' 3dhs plane this week .

Speed Video:Im Guessing 100 mph ? on the full throttle passes .
Posted by Get Real | Nov 02, 2007 @ 07:37 AM | 5,937 Views
Ive been trying some different things out with the aspera,currently i have the torque revolution 4014t power system in the aspera and with the current prop(12x10e) its showing 800+ watts. Im pushing for 1000+ watts but that will be later when i can get some higher pitch props and maybe 1'' larger in diameter . The aspera has been a lot of fun,the reccomended power set from 3dhs gets it over 80mph straight line with 500+ watts.. looking forward to see how it performs in the air with the revolution power system.. its designed for .40 size planes or larger and is awesome in the 55'' 3dhs planes,with larger props it makes 1400+ watts on 5s,im limited in prop selection because the aspera is a smaller plane but it flys well even at 4lbs with larger power systems,the stock set up comes in under 3lbs and was a lot of fun and fast but i wanted something a little faster and wanted to try some things out for fun . If the weather holds up im hoping to get some video this weekend .