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Posted by Get Real | Oct 13, 2007 @ 03:13 AM | 6,241 Views
The videos ive been posting of my planes lately have lost quite a bit of qaulity on the servers for playback online... They usually start out as 100 mb or so mpegs from a 10+ year old camcorder and i compress them quite a bit for easy playback and smaller size to about 25 meg wmv format. Ofcourse the qaulity online isnt as good as the original video (i need a new camcorder) but the qaulity isnt that bad from the start... Definately not HD but its all i have for now!

Downloadable Video:
Posted by Get Real | Oct 08, 2007 @ 06:12 AM | 6,083 Views
Been flying AP with the ebt when ive had time and havent flown the extra in a couple weeks,it was fun to get some time to fly and have fun sunday and i had a camera person to catch all the flying instead of just a roof cam. It was fun ringing the shp out on a nice day .

Video:Extra 300 SHP (Sunday Fun)
Posted by Get Real | Oct 01, 2007 @ 05:52 AM | 6,740 Views
I got a really good deal on this one and it shoots 30 minutes of very nice video..(the server doesnt do it justice). The winds were high and these were the first flights. Ofcourse i used the EBT to carry it.. The cameras on the heavy side at 5 ounces but no problem... The EBT lugged the new camera and my AP camera for a total of 7 ounces of AP and Video gear... It flew fine .

Video:EBT Onboard With New Mini Camcorder !