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Posted by Get Real | Oct 29, 2006 @ 10:47 PM | 4,428 Views
I rarely have time for planes.. i have even less time to fly my heli's so what do i do.. i bought this over the summer when i went in to pick up plane stuff/i couldnt help it.. i wanted a truggy and this one just kept giving me sad looks waiting to be taken home . i probally spent more on RC this past year than i had while i was racing offroad competitively .
Posted by Get Real | Oct 29, 2006 @ 10:20 PM | 4,523 Views
Depron is great to work with. ive been playing around with planes over a year now. early on i wanted to design my own.. finally did that and im very pleased with it but still have other designs in mind. after working with depron a little and exploring other methods of bending shaping and forming it i decided id try a little expierment on my blade cp. this is just a mock up but gives some idea of what i'll probally be working on as well as future foamys over the winter.. its just a rough template but i might try some full fuselages as well of my own design. its just a tail section but shows the possibiltys for the DIY guys like me/its 2mm depron. so many design ideas.. so little time and money to make them all reality . well atleast i got the first design built and flown within a few days and its done and flys well. this little project will stay on the back burner because i have another foamy to design.. probally just a simple flat plate one though.. i need something i can fly the snot out of on a moments notice that i can fly throughout the week just about anywhere/i only usually get to fly on the weekend and rarely fly more than a pack or two and really need to improve on my flying.. i can hover and harrier and do most aerobatics but theres much more i need to work on and its difficult to make much progress without putting in the stick time(especially with the heli's) i have to get the dust off them poor things .
Posted by Get Real | Oct 22, 2006 @ 07:51 AM | 4,460 Views
Well I-Hobby 2006 was a lot of fun. I knew about most of the new products before attending but it was nice to see them in person. its also very nice to meet some of the people involved in the industry/bumped into Anna Curtis from Inside RC at one of the car demo tracks.. very cute and really cool . also got to speak to some of the the company reps. Jason M of Horizon Hobbies was there doing flight demos.. extremly knowledgable and a very talented pilot. the Horizon booth had to be my favorite booth and had the most new products i was interested in as well as some of the cutest reps on the planet.. in particular a very cute tall blonde rep /forgot to get her name but she was very knowledgable about there product line up. ive only been flying a little over a year now and i still enjoy rc cars when i have time. i saw the new Team Losi 8ight Truggy.. i have to get one of these some how along with the Spektrum car radio/speaking of radios got to check out the Spektrum DX7.. another must have on my wish list.. very nice feel to it and more capability than my current DX6 as well as compatable with my current ar6000 recievers. most of the plane entrys at there booth were suspended overhead so i didnt get a very good look at the Mini Funtana X but plan to add one to my aircraft fleet when there availble as well as the BCX2.
Posted by Get Real | Oct 19, 2006 @ 03:52 PM | 4,661 Views
Cold and overcast. a little shaky on the sticks because i was freezing but got some video. this was my buddys first time shooting video of an rc plane.. he did really good .

Video of my 3D Pattern Scratch Built Foamy:
Posted by Get Real | Oct 17, 2006 @ 06:16 AM | 4,435 Views
Gonna add more to my new foamys look !
Posted by Get Real | Oct 16, 2006 @ 01:07 AM | 6,819 Views
Well i couldnt wait.. pulled some gear and slapped it in. reason for angle on elevator linkage is because the push rod has to much flex/its what i had on hand.. i'll get a better linkage when i can (better to get blow back when inverted since i fly rightside up most of the time). pretty windy so its difficult to get a good feel for performance and flight ability thats completly clear but i was very pleased. i had thoughts of making tail slightly smaller/not changing anything other than making full wheel pants and smoothing out shape of nose on underside a little/gonna add a spinner to.

the flight/about 10 minutes.. very good tail authority on rudder/turns like a dog trying to bite its tail/elevator response.. set low rates very conservative on tail(low rates were plenty for 3D) high rates were even more fun.. pitched up smooth/hovers with very little imput and locked in easily.. wind blew it back easily while in hover but it only needed minor imput to keep from falling out. harriers.. very smooth considering wind and with all that elevator its easy to change aoa and didnt roll over with large elevator imputs. elevators very nice/with the wind it came almost straight down vertically with almost no forward speed and didnt get tippy at all on the wing. walls.. quick pull and pitch it up and it just plows the air and slows down.. a little throttle and it stays there. knife edge.. difficult to say with wind.. but needed almost no rudder and about half rudder made it go into a...Continue Reading
Posted by Get Real | Oct 14, 2006 @ 07:23 AM | 4,525 Views
well its done minus radio gear and the usual cg and some other small stuff that i can do once i get some cg figures. under 5 days and im pretty sure under $25.00 for a semi built up foamy. would really like to of had some better building tools but i got by with what i have. i also would have liked to airbrush some cool graphics but dont have an airbrush. i purchased about $30.00 in depron and have more than enough for a second project. i would have liked to do something new or inovative with this one but its a start for learning how to build depron planes and try designs etc. its fairly rigid and ive wanted a pattern style plane for a while now.. now i have one of my own design . airframe only auw is 6.6 oz should come in at 14-15 depending on set up. over 42'' long and 39'' wing span around 350 sq inches of wing area.. i did taper wing and tail from previous pics to make it more pattern like in looks. im pleased with the results for my first try at scratch building.

Set Up will be as follows.. probally in a few weeks when i can borrow gear from my byp yak if i can destroy it by then .

Spektrum DX6
E-Flite 400 outrunner
E-Flite 20 amp esc
10x4.7 to start and 11x4.7 apc sf props
Thunder Power 1320

i may also try my current Byp yak motor and battery/ 370 1080kv outrunner and tp 730 3 cell. for a lighter set up. heres link with more pics of build:
Posted by Get Real | Oct 12, 2006 @ 09:45 AM | 4,827 Views
I always have ideas or designs running through my mind when ever i have some free time and happen to be thinking about planes and design. theres quite a bit thats been done and to build something really inovative or different would require more time than i can put into it currently/so i decided to get my feet wet so to speak with something simple using some proven methods etc. ive been a fan of pattern planes and 3D and all the various styles that are out and decided to go with a pattern style fuselage and fun flyer wing and tail.. the fuselage wont change much but the wing and tail are fair game after i get it finished and may be cut or changed in some way. so far its 4.6 oz at this stage.. didnt set any goals for it other than build it in 5 days total when i have time and try and keep it around $25.00. so far so good. what i have so far was all built on the fly.. nothing on paper and should be done around the weekend if i have time/would be nice to have better building tools though.
Posted by Get Real | Oct 01, 2006 @ 01:50 AM | 4,514 Views
Had the typhoon about a year now or close to it.. its a lot of fun to fly. ive flown it on 3 power set ups and the 480 was a lot of fun but needed the gear for my extra. its back to the stock power set up and i added some wheel pants. im pleased with the results.. makes it look more like a pattern plane. sooner or later i'll get a pattern plane/been wanting one for a while now/and probally will scratch build a foamy one from depron for testing when i have time.
Posted by Get Real | Oct 01, 2006 @ 01:41 AM | 4,497 Views
Got a couple more flights on the extra today. half throttle snap rolls at 6 to 8 feet are very nice in calm air. its been fun in 10-20 mph wind but today in calm breezes it was a lot more fun.. it looked like i was watching a 40% plane flying around.. just smaller .