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Posted by Get Real | Sep 26, 2006 @ 02:15 AM | 4,668 Views
added some color to the gear legs. its trimcote/ordered a spinner for it to. this plane really looks good and flys well. cant beat it for the price either. you get a lot of plane for the money with this one.
Posted by Get Real | Sep 24, 2006 @ 12:31 AM | 4,732 Views
chilly/dark cloudy skys/damp out and high winds.. ofcourse i'll fly today . flying was uneventful.. only flew one pack to check things out. flew good as new. sprayed canopy black when i got back from running errands. looking forward to some better flying conditions and wringing the plane out finally.. last time i tryed that i lost half an elevator and had to land after about 2 minutes . should go better next time.
Posted by Get Real | Sep 21, 2006 @ 06:44 AM | 4,495 Views
made a new stab from solid balsa stock.. much more rigid than original but its double the weight(worth it to not have to worry about it while flying now) repaired elevator with carbon rod to join it back together and added carbon strips to top and bottom and epoxied and clamped it all.
Posted by Get Real | Sep 17, 2006 @ 05:42 AM | 5,361 Views
it was a sunny day on saturday afternoon and i had some errands to run and wanted to get a couple more flights in on my new extra 300. in the forums the response to this plane has been good/i like the plane a lot myself . some of the questions that arose in the forum were about potential weak points of the airframe. i had some concerns from day one/i expressed these concerns in the forums to other members. one of my concerns was the elevator potentially failing during aggressive flying. i commented on adding carbon spars to the elevator to be on the safe side. did i do this? NO.. should i have? YES . well back to that saturday afternoon. about two minutes into flight after flying a little less conservative than i have on the past four flights.. IT HAPPENED ! yes during a decent at a fairly high speed i was pulling out.. i was 10 to 15 feet up and pulled up a little harder to level for a high speed pass at around 5 to 10 feet above the corn.. i heard a SNAP.. then i watched in horror . something that looked like part of my new airplane was left behind and dropping to the ground. i soon realized what it was and got past it.. time to land IMMEDIATLEY . i was very fortunate.. it was quite windy but i was up wind and to my left. the blessed mother of plane power gave my little extra 300 the power it needed to get back to the runway.. ok maybe it was my trusty e-flite 480 1020kv outrunner . and maybe it wasnt a runway but a desolate rode next to a corn field ....Continue Reading
Posted by Get Real | Sep 12, 2006 @ 11:41 PM | 5,058 Views
In my quest to bring you video and up to date breaking news and reports.. ive endured many things/high winds/rain/thunder and lightning/snow/below zero weather/ chattering teeth and freezing hands/cars driving up and down the runway?/ive even flown at night . today i was up against a new advisary/ BUGS .. these creatures had an insaitable taste for my flesh/though small they left welts after biting . they were unrelenting/like terminators.. they only do one thing. they bite Get Real ... they never stop its what they do . think of me as your man in the field (cornfield that is). i soldiered on to bring you another flight report and some onboard video from the new Seagull Extra 300. though the video was quite choppy... could it be the thunder and lightning over head . not sure.. i think it was the antenna placement.. or maybe the little terminators were biting the camera system ? i'll edit it down quite a bit to get the chops out. the flight was short... about 5 minutes. the conditions for flight? winds around 10 mph with a decent cross wind.. sky getting dark/impending rain.. and ofcourse those little terminators . aside from the gloomy weather i did get a better feel for the plane and in much calmer conditions then the maiden flight the 480 pulls the plane around well. the flying isnt that great.. i spent more time swatting bugs with my hands then flying the plane.. had a close call during landing/i was getting eaten alive by these little monsters. i can laugh about it now ... i wiped some bug guts off the wings when i got home .

Onboard Video:
Posted by Get Real | Sep 10, 2006 @ 07:06 PM | 5,638 Views
ok let me start by saying im a newer pilot and no 3D pro.. that being said heres my findings. made two 8 minute flights in windy conditions.. could fly longer on packs but didnt want to come up short on power trying to land in cross winds. i became comfortable with the extra fairly quick. it does an excellent knife edge.. very little coupling with my set up.. inverted is good with minor down elevator.. rolls are nice and sharp/loops well without snaping using moderation on elevator.. it can snap at higher speeds when maximum elevator deflection is used.. this results in around a 6 to 8 foot diameter loop/on more conservative rates it loops very well and straight. it tracks very well and holds lines good even in the windy conditions i maidened mine in. flat spins were nice inverted but didnt try them upright/stall turns aka hammerheads were very nice. harriers were nice but i did get slight wing rock and it was probally do to the wind. it hovered well with good control with little torque roll tendancies. did i say it knife edges well ? i started knife edges a minute or two into the maiden it does them very well. the hardcore guys or gals may feel its slightly underpowerd for extreme 3D but mine came in at 31 ounces so it isnt gonna rocket vertical with the 480 like it does in 18 to 25 ounce planes like ive used it in before.. vertical is respectable but not "FOAMY POWER''. i think sport pilots like myself will really like it and hardcore 3D pilots will like it but want a little more power. it flew very precise for me.. snap rolls were quick and sharp. im using hs 65s all around so it helps with response and crispness during aerobatics. first thing im doing is adding a tail wheel but that will be about it for now. very pleased with first two flights.

My Set Up:
E-Flite 480 1020kv
E-Flite 40 amp esc
APC 12x6E
Hitec hs 65s x 4
Thunder Power 2100 Pro Lite
Spektrum DX6

Heres a very short clip of wind conditions:
Posted by Get Real | Sep 05, 2006 @ 01:17 AM | 5,129 Views
Had time to fly the heli's today. first time i flew trex in a few weeks flew my blade cp to.. the wind didnt bother the trex to much but tossed around the blade cp a bit . i should have some onboard video with videopod on trex in the coming weeks. also my buddy is suppose to pick up a brio 10 in a couple weeks.. i plan to shoot video and get some chase footage of it with videopod on my typhoon/we'll see how it goes.