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Posted by Get Real | Jul 30, 2006 @ 11:21 PM | 5,309 Views
windy today but i got it off the ground probally 10mph plus winds.. needs some fine tuning before i do more than hovering/tail wag .. balance blades and set gyro gain better. it really surprises me sometimes when people talk about wind.. while at my local shop an expierenced heli pilot showed up and thought it was a little to windy for the trex.. he flies a logo 10/the owner indroduced us and we got to talking helis and flew behind shop.. i just hovered a little.. it was only second time up with the trex today and i was just satisfied getting it airborne for the maidens today.. bigger flys better.. but im liking the potential the trex showed during these short maidens/i started helis around last december and havent had much stick time with them.. usually once every couple weeks or so i'll sneek in a short flight with the blade cp. it was nice to see the logo 10 fly.. it was set up well and very smooth and stable.. the pilots expierence showed during the couple minutes he flew. the trex 600 may be in my future.. i held off on it because of the batteries and extra gear i would need to purchase.. i have gear for the trex already and look foward to getting it tuned in and doing some high speed flight.
Posted by Get Real | Jul 04, 2006 @ 05:04 PM | 4,926 Views
short clip of wind conditions 7-4-2006 flew mini edge and blade cp/a little windy for the blade.