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Posted by bidule | Dec 13, 2012 @ 09:30 AM | 8,729 Views
Bought this nice Hawk from my friend Roger in Kentucky when I was traveling with Mia for an Eventing competition
Power is a Stumax 110/52
12 S 5500 Generation Ace cells
CCreation 110 HV
Spring air retract with brake
model weight: 14 Lb
The model is RTF for spring 2013
Posted by bidule | Dec 04, 2012 @ 11:37 AM | 10,943 Views
Few month ago I find on RC Universe a short kit for sale : include was : formers for the fuse and formers for nacelles and main spar, very precise cut but kind of banana shape
A good start for a one of my favourite Jet !
I ad to enlarge the plan to meet the scale etc, etc...
It's also an old thread from Philip on this forum . This help me a lot.
The original was catapult . I have some nice lite small air retract and I decide to use them. Motor and fan 2 CS 70 mm for a 5 cells ~ 3300 mah
2 servos for ailerons + 1 for stab +1 steering and one for air valve .
I started with the fuselage ; planking with 3/32 balsa , typical building ...and follow with the wing , much more complicate , but I manage to made not to many mistake and I'm happy for the result.
The ESC are bury in the wing , when finish I will make some scoop for cooling.
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