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Posted by bidule | Jan 25, 2012 @ 01:53 PM | 12,455 Views
Cool!! I just started the "put together" of the best 90 mm Hawk on the planet.
The construction is very good glass fibre, carbon and honeycomb materiel. The average weight is ~ 2.2 kg with 8 S 3800 mah lipos cells.
I 'm not using the Schubeler mechanical retract I'm using the Air-up down-spring C21 Behotec . Functional main doors with a small servo. Front , only a Soni- Tronic small spring and a Kevlar cord to close the doors. Works perfectly.
Front wheel fold forward and the pull pull need a return hook...
I have a DS-51 DIA HDT fan with Lehner motor and HV 110 castle Creation Controller to power the Jet.
The builder still have some work to do " for the price" you can buy 10 Hobby King Hawk...but this is the state of the art model...