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Posted by mecevans | Feb 16, 2009 @ 02:43 AM | 6,156 Views
check it out, and come back often for updates on the build. coments welcome!
Posted by mecevans | Aug 03, 2008 @ 11:44 PM | 5,716 Views
see that bike as my profile pic? well i ate it today. was riding back from the valley and a deer decides to jump in front of the road around banked turn. grabbed a handfull of brake, nothing the hill was too steap. i layed it down, hit the gaurd rail easily flying 10 feet down the road and my shoe another lucky i didnt go over the rail, would have fallen to my sure up ow my butt, arm bleedind with a nice hole(could probubly hide 2 marbels in there). hospital owe totalled.i guess i can dodge crazy drivers but not a real animal on the later must sleep
Posted by mecevans | May 28, 2007 @ 02:59 PM | 9,487 Views
i made this with all that stuff i had, needs bigger motor though
Posted by mecevans | May 13, 2007 @ 11:30 AM | 7,257 Views
this is my new ap plane, im using a canon A550. this is my setup

gws D gearbox with Feigao 1308434S (

HS-55 servos

berg 7

tp 2100 3s

castle creations 18 amp esc

Midwest Carbon Fiber .080 40" Rod

6.1amps 23.7 oz thrust with gws 1365 prop
5.3amps 20.5 oz thrust with 1260 prop

i can take off in about 3 feet with 1365 prop , its kinda hot to the touch when i land so i need a heat sink. it can climb at about a 45 degree angle at sea level.

heres the build log
Posted by mecevans | Apr 29, 2007 @ 11:44 PM | 6,259 Views
this is what i won at the giant scale fly in with only 5 dollars of tickets!
Posted by mecevans | Mar 05, 2007 @ 01:41 AM | 7,178 Views
got this for xmas, you can find build thread here

gear used:

2 hitec hs-55 for wings
2 hitec hs-65 for tail
hitec 05s reciver
e-flite 40 amp esc v2
e-flite park 480 bl motor 1020kv
thunder power 3s 2100

*flying at sea level and have allot of power
Posted by mecevans | Nov 07, 2006 @ 04:50 PM | 7,461 Views
got down my dads old rc stuff and found a coupls of tamiya frogs, 2ch fm radio & reciver to his glider, and futaba & airtronics gear. this stuff must be atleast 25 or more years old!, but anyways i fixed up one frog and this thing is crazy fast! atleast 25+ mph!. im gonna rebuild the other one with all new gar thought
Posted by mecevans | Nov 04, 2006 @ 04:18 PM | 7,252 Views
i went to this on saterday and flew a kv-9 n164dv from a kit, my brother flew a bellanca n1o56e. you can find the organization at (, its completely free and they do it almost every weekend
Posted by mecevans | Oct 10, 2006 @ 02:06 PM | 7,363 Views
Posted by mecevans | Sep 30, 2006 @ 10:49 PM | 7,148 Views
here some pics of my big stick 40 , it was given to me by steven carber and was my first plane. i got a laser 4 for it because the old stuff was almost obsolete . i had to glue on the elevator and i rebuild the fox 40 engine. i flew once and now need new motor mount. i have some pics at this old page
Posted by mecevans | Sep 30, 2006 @ 10:40 PM | 6,324 Views
heres my finished estarter and maiden pics. i used carbon fiber, dubro hinges and linkage, foam wheels,and better battery securing. i also used gorrila glue for tail, landing gear and ca for body instead of epoxy can be found in this thread

and these
Posted by mecevans | Sep 30, 2006 @ 10:37 PM | 5,652 Views
crashed my estarter with brand new 3 cell which fell out in flight onto concreate. can be found here
Posted by mecevans | Sep 27, 2006 @ 12:16 AM | 6,261 Views
i dont know if it works but its a short vid of my estarter