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Posted by gizmos | Mar 22, 2007 @ 11:37 AM | 4,321 Views
Here is a few photos of my projects. The birdman is 34ft ws and weight is 168lb powered by a 11 hp chrysler/mull. geared reduction engine. It is finished but has not flown. I have shown just a few of my planes that I laser cut. I just cut the lazy bee 48in and build. I am now working on all of the Bee's
Posted by gizmos | Feb 06, 2006 @ 12:56 PM | 5,237 Views
Hello there, this is Gizmo,
Just to let other builders know that I own a kern 130 laser.(table 50in x 52in) If you have a design and and the cad work completed, I will cut the kit for free, you only pay for the wood and shipping. I will only cut one kit for free per design, but I will give you a great deal on your other repeat kits. This is a picture of my laser and a pic of my zero on my gaint scale balancer,work stand and plane holder. This is my design and I cut them for people. I have designed a flight box, starter box with just a power panel and a battery, light for the flight line. I will post other project I have built in the last few months. I have finished a 34 foot wing span 19 ft long rc plane. It is powered with a 11 hp motor. I have not flown it yet. This is the last photo, it is called "The Birdman Tl-1A", I have plan for the kit