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Posted by GUYZER1111 | Nov 24, 2008 @ 12:50 PM | 2,800 Views
Hello All, Welcome to my Blog. I've been interested in flying for as long as I can remember. In 2000 I started to get back into reading about RC Flying and that's just about when this hobby started to get popular. Just after that, I was hooked. 2001 I joined the Burnaby Lake Hoods Up Flyer Club. I learned to fly and use the many different accesories, (charger,batteries,hardware,settings) to be able to have lots of fun. 2002, I started to scratch-build planes from pictures and plans. To date, I've done about 10 planes and jets. Some were balsa design and others were foam or both. It's fun to do, with mistakes made, as well as improvements. 2002, I found this amazing site called RC GROUP and I've been reading and learning ever since. I've been married going on 8 years with a super awesome family. My wife has been very supportive, she says doesn't mine as long as I don't bust the bank. She likes the idea of keeping a eye on me, which means that I'm not spending money drinking at the bar. We started our family with two boys who are going to become very involved with me as the years go by. I will be adding My Pictures as they become available. Enjoy, Guy Weiers