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Posted by Brian Chitty | Mar 10, 2009 @ 09:47 AM | 3,705 Views
Just got back from this awesome 3 day event. My dad flew in from Tucson and we drove up Friday morning. Later that day we met up with Brandon and Mike Hammel from Fancy Foam. Main reason for attending the event was to compete in the F3P and Freestlye event that took place Saturday Night around 7 pm. Out of 4 pilots, I came in 2nd to Brandon Chitty. In the freestlye there were 5 pilots and I came in 3rd. Not too bad for not having an indoor place to fly in. (San Antonio) is always freakin' windy as hell, so foamy pattern flying is almost impossible. If you get the chance to attend this event next year, it is well worth the work to get there. I'll be back next year!