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Posted by Joe01 | Sep 25, 2020 @ 09:47 AM | 1,901 Views
Ow do fmn olks.
Had a Volantex ASW 28 delivered the other day..WOO-HOO!! But it came without the 4 screws to hold the tail assembly together. BOO!! Does anyone out there own one and could you give me the screw length and thread size? I just thought it would be quicker to get the size and get my own!! Heres hoping folks....
Posted by Joe01 | Sep 09, 2020 @ 07:36 AM | 2,057 Views
HELP!! I am very new to rc planes. I started with an XK A800 and I like the stabilization. I have just ordered a Sky Surfer X8 and thought about fitting a FrSky S 6 R receiver. I have an Fs i6 radio, will the two items work together? I look forward to any help I can get from you folks!!