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Posted by marshallteam1 | Jan 09, 2012 @ 06:49 PM | 2,663 Views
Building a new profile jet with pictures soon to come. The goal is speed and performance with little money.

Considering a CS 120mm and a CS 90mm fan. Believe me, I have looked at them all but I am real serious about getting the price down.

I looked up Chang Sun and The 120mm fan has carbon fiber/Nylon blades. That is what has my interest. The 90mm has great sound. Quality? I don't know yet. Please report if you have any stats.

Plans are to test the jets stablity with a WeMoTec 124mm fan and then have you group members, help make the final decision as to what fan setup to use. I have a schubler 90mm for testing comparison of static thrust and if need be, just put it in the jet and check actual speed as compared to the CS 90mm fan. So if any of think you wish to participate, please do. My first task is to consider what battery setup to use. The airframe is thin so I am considering 2s 5000 mAh down to 2s 2600 mAh lipos placed in series. The question is, how many in series. 12s 2600mhs, 10s 3000, or go higher in kv motors and down to 8s. What to do????

90 mm fan Motor selection to date is the following.

ARC 36-75-1.5 11s/12s

HET 700-98 935kv 44.4V 5000watts motor 12s puts out 118amps (to much?)

HET 700-83, 975kv 44.4V 2600mAh 12s 2600mAh probably 45-50amps

HET 700-68, series

Hobby king Turnigy SK3 fandrive 3994-850kv, 43V 3950watts 90A, $83.44

Hobby King Scorpion HK-4025-550KV brushless outrunner, 5mm shaft that is a 8mm...Continue Reading