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Posted by fartbomb | Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:24 AM | 6,010 Views
today i decided i would put a new body on the RC car the body was a military hummer with all the guns and stuff but on second thoughts scraped the idea as it looked like [email protected]#p so i decided to tidy up the wires under neath the mustang body so i went ahead with making a box thingy for the Arduino and the battery and i also soldered all the wire joins 👍😁
Posted by fartbomb | Aug 21, 2020 @ 12:36 AM | 3,221 Views
i have installed police lights on the the mustang body (just fits) and lights are controlled by a Arduino i have powered it by a 6v battery but weirdly the front lights wont work anymore
Posted by fartbomb | Aug 15, 2020 @ 10:19 PM | 5,017 Views
i have just joined rc groups and am interested in rc planes and cars

my rc car is a 1/18 ecx ruckus you may ask why i have chosen such a car but its great fun just to bash around have done a few mods so will post them in my bog some time

also my plane is a hobby horizon sport cub s 2 have done a wheel mod to as old wheels couldent take off in long grass