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Posted by Redherring | Oct 25, 2007 @ 11:41 AM | 4,618 Views
I received the fibreglass cowl for my Ultra Sport 40 today!

I got this from Fibreglass Specialties - (thanks Craig!), whom I highly recommend. Talk about a perfect fit.

Cheers, RH../
Posted by Redherring | Oct 17, 2007 @ 11:54 PM | 5,512 Views
I was browsing the for sale section here on RCG when I saw an ad for an Ultra Sport 40 ARF (Red)...."Surely this had to be a mistake" I thought...they stopped making these ARFs a long time ago. It was not a mistake, and I bought a new in the box Ultra Sport 40 ARF (the Custom ARF Series) from a fellow RCG member (thanks Steve!) at a very reasonable price indeed. When I saw the ad in the for sale section I just "had to have it"

So, after procuring my very rare find, I figured I'd do a build log on this...sortof a time warp back into the days when we didn't even contemplate electric flight. This will be my 3rd Ultra Sport. I had one kit and one ARF before this (no longer with me unfortunately) .

That left me wanting an engine...and I immediately knew it had to be an OS Max .46FX Only a few hours after posting a wanted ad in the aircraft fuel power systems and accessories, I found my engine (thanks Fred!). Where in the world are you going to find a brand new OS Max .46FX these days?!

I will be updating this as I go along...just wanted to get things started. Here are some pics of the ARF and the engine.

Cheers, RH../