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Posted by UBILDIT | Apr 12, 2007 @ 03:02 AM | 5,132 Views
The photo's don't really do it justice, but I'm doing the ME262 in the paint scheme of a Russian post war captured plane. The front is a yellowish, greenish tan and it turns darker green towards the tail with little mottlings of dark green here and there and the obligatory red star on the tail etc...
I just bought an air brush and paint to give it a whirl and low and behold, it came out better than I thought it would. I have used an airbrush on cars with scratched bumpers before, but this is my first model to paint this way. As I said, the picture does not do it justice... it looks like a tan / camo base coat which is exactly what I wanted. So here's a pic or two for progress. Oh, and Vyceroy...here's a picture of the stuff I used to thin it. It did'nt melt anything and seemed to be soft to the touch even after about 10 - 20 minutes, but it went on smooth and blended well with the paint. .... So, air brush god or just beginners luck... probably more of the latter.

Update: 4/15/07 Finished. Pictures coming. Winds are 20-40 mph today here and it's only going to get to 53 for a high. No maiden, but taking pics outside would be nice when it calms down a bit. This is the best looking plane I've ever built from plain foam. Air brushing is the bomb for sure. I hope it flys as good as I think it looks. I'm going to post the pictures and build in the electric warbirds section and theGWS vendors section. Happy flying to all.

Posted by UBILDIT | Apr 11, 2007 @ 01:49 PM | 4,490 Views
Trying to finish the F-18 and the ME262. Both should maiden this weekend. The F-18, although the pictures don't show it because the rear fuse is covered in light spackle prior to sanding... is coming out really good. Should have an AUW of 20 - 22 oz. it was at 19 prior to paint and installation of servo extensions. The fan unit is a 70mm from BP hobbies and I cant remember the name, but it's designation is DF70.. it kicks butt. Its run by a Mega 16/15/3 and should come close to putting out 23 oz. of thrust on a 4S 1800 Hyperion 20C pack. Static testing is awesome...well beyond my expectations.

The 262 is powered by 2 GWS brushless inrunners,... I believe they are the 3100 kv inrunners that I found on E-Bay. It also runs on a 4S 1800 pack and estimates that each nacelle is putting out close to 2lbs of thrust... I don't believe it, but people who have been doing this much longer than me tell me it's true. Here's a few pics of each.

See ya'll at SEFF... I'll be with Vyceroy, Hippo, and others in an RV with a sign on it that says "In a Van Down by The River".

Posted by UBILDIT | Mar 26, 2007 @ 06:17 PM | 4,480 Views
Performed "naked" maiden on Corsair, which due to pilot error alone ended with a broken motor shaft, but flight was very good... so finished paint job and markings.. replaced prop and motor shaft and re maidened "fully clothed" yesterday. All I can say is that the GWS Corsair, looks and flies very scale.. I am super happy with it. The largest of the 3 GWS outrunners powers it with a 3 blade 9X7 prop and a 3S 1300 pack. AUW is right at 20 oz.
The S.E.5A is almost done as well. I love it's looks...

Posted by UBILDIT | Mar 20, 2007 @ 06:03 PM | 4,701 Views
Here's pictures of my GWS Corsair. All it needs is cowling, and final paint and decals. Its a case of the picture not actually looking as good as the plane. Usually it's the other way around. In the other pictures, Jetsett44's F-18 in process of becoming a Blue Angels look alike. I even have a airfoiled wing. Notice the size difference in the F-18 and the Corsair. It's huge. The others are of the poor Bandit Mig. Forgot to trim some up elevator in it for hand launch and you can see where the control surfaces are locked into.
The other odd picture is of the hommade in shop air filter. I made it from a cardboard box which used to contain a bumper cover for a Volvo, a cheap wal-mart 20 inch box fan and a household HVAC air filter. All sealed with packing and duct tape. Intake on the bottome air filter through the top. I do anything that may produce dust at the base of it. I cut CF under water.

Posted by UBILDIT | Mar 07, 2007 @ 11:03 AM | 4,931 Views
Finished... other than final paint touches... figure I should fly it first before I go to lots of extra trouble..
AUW with a Hyperion 20C 3s 1200 pack is 14 oz. A wemotec microfan and a e-flite 5,400 kv 370 inrunner power it. Should have a maiden this weekend or before. Main fuse (thanks to Jetset44 for the Superbandit plans) and then wings and tail from my defunct Alpha Models Mig-15. Flight report to follow.

Posted by UBILDIT | Mar 02, 2007 @ 08:03 AM | 4,760 Views
Here's some Pics of the Micro Superfly.. The Superflyrc.com "Mite" that I converted to look like a standard sized superfly. I measured them both and discovered that the Mite is really just a 57% sized Superfly, so I cut the prop slot and the stabilizers based on that and marked the CG range from a similar measurement.
AUW is 6 oz. It uses a Custom CDR single stator speed motor from gobrushless.com, a 4.75X4.75 apc prop and a thunder power 3S 650 mah pack with 2 GWS Pico servo's. The canopy is a vaccuum formed plastic that was made to be a blimp gondola..works good on this plane and it is very fast and maneuverable. I had to make the travel adjustment points on my DX6 for the 2 servo's only 50% up and down to help me get used to it. Lmopar 69 suggests going to a smaller prop because when I give it the goose, it wants to torque roll pretty bad, but as long as you're ready for it it's manageble.

The Bandit Mig, coming along pretty well. Got more sanding to do and then a thin coat of WBPU before painting. One of the pictures shows the Bandit painted on it's left side from tail to intake and it's a German Silver Metallic from Testors...
Posted by UBILDIT | Feb 22, 2007 @ 01:54 PM | 4,935 Views
Just a quick note. I was unaware that when sanding things that contain epoxy.. like a FFF laminated canopy, or when cutting Carbon Fiber Rods or spars, you should at least use one of those little paper masks over your nose and mouth. It's been reccommended to me that I perform these operations outside and with a mask or at least have a vaccuum hose nearby to catch the particles. As a result of my ignorance, I recently suffered through (what I thought was pneumonia) a small part of my lower left lung collapsed and became infected. It was no fun..
Further investigation revealed that the Carbon Fiber dust can be highly carcenogenic.. Crap!... So, I had to remove everything from the room I build in and totally vacuum, dust and mop everything top to bottom. Motor and prop tests tend to stir up whatever dust is in the room... so.. lots of work and no place to build.
However, I have been able to reorganize the build room into an assembly area, a soldering area and a sanding / finishing area. So it all turned out for the best.. But just a warning to anyone out there who was like me and did'nt know... Use a mask because you need your lungs...

Posted by UBILDIT | Feb 09, 2007 @ 12:17 AM | 4,848 Views
Great friend and FB Greg McNair called me over to his house and said he had a surprise for me. When I arrived, he presented me with my own small blimp, filled with helium, two motors, remote control and already counter weighted so that the battery would make it neutrally bouyant. He also gave me a huge amount of supplies which I can not begin to list, but include balsa spars in different sizes and lengths, multiple sets of brand new pre-bent landing gear, multiple sets of steerable pre-formed nose gear, stick on lead weights, lots of micro brushed motors and electronics, hand carved micro wooden props for direct drive, a gondola and gear for a small rc blimp with motors attached. A large cache of male / female white velcro.. All kinds of stuff.
I was speechless and could not thank him enough. This hobby has introduced me to the best people I have ever known. Not just because my friend Greg gave me some free stuff, but because this time last year I did not even know him and since meeting him this summer, we have shared personal and professional tragedies and triumphs, we have been able to help each other in good times and tough times, and I think that so much like Vyceroy and Hippo, Lmopar 69 and Warreagle (even though I've never even met him) and so many more I have been able to share with personally and in the threads of RCG.. even JAM... LOL.. we would be good friends even if neither one of us liked this kind of stuff at all. Thanks Greg. Thanks to all of you..

Posted by UBILDIT | Feb 05, 2007 @ 08:17 PM | 4,695 Views
Pictures of the almost ready Bandit / Mig... Wingtips from Alpha Models Mig-15 and tail from same plane. Body is a Jetsett44 SuperBandit with a Wemotec Microfan and a 5,400kv park 370 inrunner kindly donated by Vyceroy. E-flite 20A ESC, 2 GWS Pico servo's.. 1 for Ailerons and 1 for elevator. AUW will be around 12 oz. but that's before sanding, shaping and painting which may equal each other out pretty well. I'm going to go with the German Silver Metallic which will be similar to the finish that Alpha Models has on the Mig. Canopy is laminated and ready to shape as is the nosecone. Pictures of that soon. Should be a real screamer..

Posted by UBILDIT | Jan 22, 2007 @ 06:17 PM | 4,475 Views
Flew the FatCat EDF. Looks great in the air. Rock solid tracking, rolls well, but slow for what I thought it would be. Going to make some mods and slim it down, especially the ugly canopy and stuff. Rises off grass pretty well though and Vyceroy said that for really good speed, we probably need to make a thinner airfoil into the wings,, which means putting a new wing on, which might as well mean starting from scratch for me... LOL.. I'll make this one a pusher prop with this new JustGoFly 450TH motor I bought from a guy. It's a screamer with a 6x5.5 and pulls very few amps. He was flying an AZ shrike he scratchbuilt and it was hitting 100+ w/no problem.
Also finally built the Foam EZ by GPW, maidened it today. What fun that was, even in a really strong headwind that I normally would not fly in, this thing flew great. Just using a twin ips motor gearbox setup with a 10x8 sf prop. Another interesting project is a Foamfly.com Atomic Wing that I slid into a Universal Fuselage, stuck a Custom CDR single stator speed motor and 5.7x3.5 prop on the back. Got it figured how to work the elevators with 2 wires and just 1 servo, but had a bunch of other stuff going on as well. Picture is without rudder. Took a 3s 2100 pack to balance it out anywhere near the leading edge, but at least I'll get lots of flight time and it still only weighs 9 - 10 oz. Should be kind of fast. The micro Lazy Bee is also a fun project that I am enjoying. So tiny and cool looking. Made it from scrap 3mm Depron, some white, some grey. Anyway, that's what's going on in my world besides pneumonia and feeling like poop.

Posted by UBILDIT | Jan 15, 2007 @ 09:28 AM | 4,730 Views
Made some great progress on the Fat Cat by Vyceroy this weekend. So, this is really just a continuation of the conversion process I've been blogging in past entries. However, I solved the problem of how to make 2 wing halves strong in their positions. I joined the 2 wing halves with a 2 inch wide strip of bluecore bent to shape, just over the EDF unit and mounting bracket. So, it actually strengthened the whole plane in that area. Got the nose and intakes finished and covered. Got the tail booms mounted and both wings in place. There will be a piece / former on top of the edf intake / exhaust area where all equipment will go. Oddly enough, the plane is balancing perfectly and the only thing missing is an elevator servo (during the balance tests.) So, battery placement should be right over the CG with no problem. We'll See.. but it is lookinig so good.

Posted by UBILDIT | Jan 09, 2007 @ 06:57 PM | 4,200 Views
Heres a few pics of the GWS ME-109. Found the kit at my LHS on sale. No wing markings yet, but looking pretty good. I've got a GWS Corsair Sloper kit on the way thanks to Vyceroy for turning me on to that. Together the ME-109 and the Corsair can dog fight... LOL..
Posted by UBILDIT | Jan 01, 2007 @ 09:15 PM | 4,746 Views
Got a few pictures of my finished Mini Bird of Prey from Edge RC. Was going to maiden it today....new years day, but wind and cold got the better of me and probably lucky that it did.. Anyway, excited about finishing it and can't wait to fly it. Its going to be pushed along by a Hacker B20 26L and a 4.75 x5.5 apc prop and a 3 cell 2100 or a 3cell 1200 and 2 0z of lead in a baggie.. LOL...

Other notable points.. finally figured out how to mount the fan and ducting in the Fat Cat EDF modification that I'm working on. Note the 2 strips of Bluecore and up under the intake tube, the popsicle sticks used to spread the fuse bottom apart for more room. Should be able to mount the rest of the fuse and the wings in the next day or so.. It's going to be really nice..
Posted by UBILDIT | Oct 26, 2006 @ 01:54 PM | 4,839 Views
Here is some of the construction photo's. Vyceroy, you wanted a better idea of how big the rear verticle stabs are...here's a pic of them before covering. They also have about 3/4 to 1 inch on the bottom of the wing below the uper stabs. I flew it again today and I guarrantee that its going at least 70 mph. Awesome.
Posted by UBILDIT | Oct 23, 2006 @ 03:10 PM | 6,309 Views
Just got back from the I-Hobby Expo in Chicago. Traveling with Hippo and Vyceroy, much less staying in the same hotel room was an adventure in hilarity and also the stuff that airplane dreams are made of. Those two guys have probably forgotten more about making airplaines than I'll ever know. It did'nt hurt that we had DVD's of the move "Crank" and Blazing Saddles, Army of Darkness and plenty of Downloads of the Venture Brothers which I was introduced to for the first time.... And this is the stuff that went on when we were'nt neck deep in planes, trains, cars, boats, batteries, motors, etc..
Met a lot of great people.
Joe Ford at Castle Creations and I had a smoke break together. I was great to meet him. The guys at Plantraco, AMA representative, BP Hobbies, Electric Jet Factory, and many more. Following are some pictures..
Posted by UBILDIT | Oct 14, 2006 @ 01:54 PM | 4,559 Views
Just had to post this link so that I'll have it when I feel like I can start from scratch...

Posted by UBILDIT | Sep 29, 2006 @ 05:28 PM | 4,823 Views
Just finished a FoamFly Staggerwing. I've built so many things since my last Blog entry. All kinds of new friends. Laine (imopar69) in Ft. Rucker. Dave Halko ..Superflyrc.com.. and so many more. Working on so many different things, it's hard to think of all of them. One thing I do know is that the Staggerwing is awesome. I installed a Gobrushless Special Edition single stator motor and 8x4 HD prop. Running it on 3cell 900mah lipo pack and it flies so well. I have a FoamFly frog at home with floats on it and I may just have to swap the floats over to this one. Anyway, here's some pictures of the Staggerwing.

Posted by UBILDIT | Aug 22, 2006 @ 12:57 PM | 4,863 Views
No Description available..Top Secret
Posted by UBILDIT | Jun 21, 2006 @ 12:56 AM | 4,923 Views
Just Finished Glovesave39's F-16 XL. What a sweet flying plane. It also looks super cool in the air and is very strong. Made it in 6mm Dep, and used a Gobrushless Single Stator Special Edition which will put out 17 oz. of thrust and only weighs 1 oz. This thing flys all day on 1 1200 3 cell pack and will go straight up while rolling like a drill. I probably need to turn my throws down. Anyway I wanted to post a picture even though I am not through with the painting and sharpie touches. I am having too much fun flying it. Thanks Glove for a great / fun easy to build plane.

Posted by UBILDIT | Jun 07, 2006 @ 10:43 AM | 5,118 Views
I have recently had the pleasure to meet 2 members in person as they traveled by my place of business. Greg McNair was the first one. We had even split an order of Depron without even meeting in person. Then I got him on board to be a Superfly demo team member. and we met, exchanged foam and have been talking frequently since that time. He lives near me and has kids similar ages to mine.
The yesterday, Imopar69 PM'd me that he was on the way to Birmingham from Ft. Rucker Alabama and to give him a call. He and his family stopped by on the way and I got to meet them all. Such nice people and we all had something in common.
Greg has a HoverDisc we talk about all the time. Imopar has a mini BOP that I recently order one of thanks to him showing me the video of his going about 100 mph. He brought his with him just to make me jealous I'm sure.

These two guys are the most recent. Hippo and Vyceroy and I met for the first time at the SEEF and I talk with them on a regular basis now. WarrEagle from south Alabama invited me to a night fly in his area on the 17th and if I can go, I will. Would like to meet him as well. RCGroups has been like another family to me and I really enjoy being a part of it. I only hope that I can be as helpful and considerate as the folks who have joined and posted before me have been.