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Posted by UBILDIT | Dec 04, 2012 @ 10:35 PM | 6,458 Views
It's been a while since I've made a blog entry, but I think this one is worth doing. Working at a Hobby Shop I've been presented with a great number of planes that simply don't need to fly again. For that matter, I've created a great number of planes that don't need to fly again, but that's not the point.. the point is..now I have a way to keep the plane alive almost forever.... well, part of it anyway.. I think that I'm probably not the first one to do this, but I may be the first one to do it and enjoy being creative with it!.. Who knows...
I like to call it RC Taxidermy. Mounting and preserving what's left of your favorite plane when it's simply beyond repair. In both of my first two examples, it is the tail section that survived mostly intact and then I realized that with a few magnets and a little creative paint and glue, I could create an illusion that the plane had just hit the roof of my car or gone through the side of a door. What a great way to mark your car at an event or even just at the club field. Or if you're like me and sometimes fly in large public areas, you can attach an Estes rockets parachute to the tail and have an instant wind sock.. So here are my first to attempts.... outside the hobby shop they have both received many long hard looks and even some close investigation.... (by guys only...no women...big surprise there). If anyone is interested, I can be a bit more specific about the materials I use and the type of magnets.. etc... The large T-34 with Darth Vader at the helm was difficult as it was much larger than the foam tail of the Flyzone FW190 and it's weight alone...at the angle I wanted to mount it made it a real project... but I'm happy with the results. Hope everyone who reads this enjoys the funny idea of keeping your planes... even when they're dead... LOL..