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Posted by UBILDIT | Oct 09, 2011 @ 01:13 PM | 7,059 Views
Last Saturday, October 1st. Lmopar69, his wife Kmopar and their son, The Camanator came to a memorial fun fly I was in charge of at the Alabaster RC club just outside of Birmingham. We had a great time Friday night, flew in the really windy conditions on Saturday and Lmopar won the Bomb Drop competition and a $30.00 gift card, then back to my house for the Nebraska Wisconsin game. Just before the game started, Laine went out to his trailer and came back inside to "give me the bird". He cuts them out with a CNC Hot wire cutter and had an extra one for me. His flew fantastic at the event earlier that day so I was super glad to get one of my own. I've been working on it a little bit here and there ever since and had it ready to fly last night, but looks like the maiden will be today.
I documented parts of the build as there are no instructions needed, it's hard to mess it up. A carbon spar of some type behind the built in foam spars in the wing and some hot glue is all that's required to get it going. Everything else is "use your best judgement " to make it straight and is up to each person. I will share some of the things I tried.
First some of the Specs..
Leading Edge Width : 42 inches
Wing Tip to Wing Tip: 64 inches
Weight with 1350mah 3S : 24.4 oz.
Using a Frio 9 (950kv) motor, a ChingLau speed control from someone's wrecked EDF twin Jet thing. Throwing an 11X3.8 APC SF prop with a 12 Amp draw at WOT.

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