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Posted by UBILDIT | Jul 24, 2011 @ 11:11 PM | 7,787 Views
Well, after weeks of building and testing different FPV systems, I finally flew the "Hippo Drone" - named after RCG user "Hippo" since the design draws partly on his orignal plane "The Frog" . The front end draws some of it's characteristics from RCG user name "Lmopar69".... and his plane the N2. The plane is a super stable flyer. It uses a Hobbyzone SuperCub Wing that I cut ailerons into and re-inforced. The motor is a Hoffman Magnetics "The Rocket" throwing an 8 x 3.8 SF APC prop for tons of thrust and an E-Flite 20A ESC on a 1350 3S pack. The camera and transmitter for video .... Camera is a Sony KX 131 NTSC color miniature CCD and the video is fed to the goggles via a Foxtech 2.4 GHZ transmitter and receiver. The camera is capable of 720P so the picture should be pretty good. It looks good taxiing around on the ground but the air will be a different story. Going to fly it Monday morning and find out... weather permitting. The receiver has an extra "video out" port, so if I can figure a way to hook up something to capture the video off the receiver that would be really cool because I should have over 1/4 mile range with clear reception. The plane on the other hand is having to run on 72 Mhz FM due to the horrible effect that the video has on 2.4ghz range. But I have a synthesized Corona 6ch RX and a JR Quattro radio that both seem to be very good. We'll see.

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