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Posted by UBILDIT | Sep 26, 2010 @ 10:45 PM | 9,443 Views
Here's a few pictures of the new Raptor 620E (equivalent to the 50 Titan in size) with the Agusta A119 Scale body on it. The whole package was purchased almost a year ago and I finally got it together. I am using the Thunder Tiger OBL motor for 8-10S and I'll list the rest of the equipment togther in a section. The scale body was definately one of the most challenging things. The instructions for both the heli and the body were pretty good, but I was required to assemble it, fly it as a pod n boom to get everything working correctly, then install it into the fuselage. The cockpit kit was the last of the major "scale" items to go on and really makes a nice difference. Although it's still not fully decalled and weathered like it will be, it's looking pretty good, and those green flybar paddles .."got to go"..

CC Ice 60 HV
3 HiTec 645 MG sevo's for cyclic
1 Airtronics high speed high torque gyro compatible tail servo
JR 770 3D Gyro
Align 6v BEC
Polyquest 4700 MAH 10S 20C Lipo
Rino 1800 Mah 2S lipo for servo's and rx

In governer mode "set rpm" on the Ice 60HV, I've set the head speed to around 1900. This netted a max of 23 amps drawn and an average between spool up to landing in a five minute flight of 12-14 amps. Data logging is awesome. Still have a few settings to monkey with and as I landed it right after flying, which was just after these pictures were taken.. I unplugged the battery from the ESC and the negative lead to the speed control came off in my hand.. that was a close one... I'm working on uploading a video of it hovering, but may wait until I actually fly it in a nicer environment.

Down with the sickness!