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Posted by UBILDIT | Dec 31, 2009 @ 11:48 PM | 10,331 Views
Here is a picture or two of a DG1000 glider which I purchased from a customer / friend of mine. He built it and powered it with an AXI motor and custom mount. He sold it to me with everything but the motor, speed control and battery, but I just could'nt justify buying a new motor when I've got 20-30 just doing nothing. As it turned out, none of them fit the custom aluminum mount he had made for the AXI, so I just fabricated one that would and it's ready to go. I ended up using an Extreme Flight Torque 2814/900 or something like that. It throws the very nice Graupner 13 X 7 folding prop with tons of thrust and pulls 35 amps static at WOT. on 3S. Can't wait for a nice day in 2010 ... it's almost the new year as I type this.. to try it out and take it up for a nice long flight. Fingers are crossed.

Posted by UBILDIT | Dec 01, 2009 @ 11:11 PM | 10,854 Views
O.K. So, I'm in the process of cleaning up and cleaning out. The shop I've had my planes in for 2 years is going to become my daughter's bedroom and the larger, but more out of the way and "junkier" room down the hall get's to become my shop. I'm glad because the kid gets a better room and so do I, but it means I have to do one of the things I hate most in this life. Move. I know.. whine, whine, whine.. it's just down the hall, but it's still moving.
Truthfully though, it needed to be done. After the JR indoor, I had so much stuff in the shop and in other places in my downstairs that I was actually mad at myself for letting things get in the condition they were in. But enough about how this came about. I discovered how relative the word scale is .. as it relates to this hobby. In the process of moving, I decide to get everything that is a kit, still in the box, open it, arrange it, and throw away any un-needed packaging or containers for said kit. So in the middle of a room full of stuff ... none of it where it's supposed to be, I come across the 1/7th Scale model of a P-47 that I purchased several months ago. So I began unpacking it and discarding the extra stuff, not needed for shipping and so forth. When I got it out of the box, it was much larger than I remembered when I took a 1/2 glance at it before taking it home. As it turns out, when you put wing halves together, they become a whole wing. Can you believe that? And, even though it had...Continue Reading