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Posted by UBILDIT | Jul 07, 2009 @ 01:33 AM | 11,622 Views
I had to post several pictures of this plane. It turned out so well .. not that it's ready for a scale competition or anything, but for what it is.. it's Fan Tastic. In fact it's a Fan Tastic Models GeeBee R-1. I inherited the kit from Mr. Vyceroy who simply asked me to build it and fly it. I finally got around to finishing it and putting the decals on. The kit itself was amazing. Moulded depron type material and all the supports and structures for the landing gear, motor mounts, even the tires and the special rudder to aileron linkage that this model requires to actually turn while flying. It's powered by a Feigo brushless inrunner on a GWS C gear box and a 10X8 prop on 3 Cells and only 2 servo's operate the surfaces. 1 for aileron and rudder and the other for elevator. Flys great and looks ... well like a GeeBee.
The Swamp Boat is another project I'm working on and was given to me by a customer whose wife had him empty the garage. I've added the motor mounts and decking, but everything else had already been done. It's a Dumas kit and made for a .19 nitro motor with an 8 inch pusher prop. I've decided that since it's major function, other than the have fun tooling around on the grass or the water, will be to help retrieve downed water planes with it's nice flat front end, I'd like to have forward and reverse, so I've incorporated a Traxxas speed control and motor with a 3 blade 8x4 pusher prop. No where near complete, but not too much more to do on it. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one scoot around a pond here pretty soon.

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