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Posted by UBILDIT | Jun 12, 2009 @ 11:29 PM | 12,548 Views
The transformation of the SuperCub is nearly complete. I have the clipped wing twin motor version ready to go, complete with fabricated nose cone. Now the only part of the transformation to comlete is to make an outrunner mount detachable so that I can remove the solid nosecone, put an outrunner on the stick mount that's under it, put the original cowl over the outrunner, then replace the twin engine wing with the original wing. I should be able to make the SC into two different planes within a matter of minutes. I'll add pics as I make the transformation.. Hopefullly will get some flying pics of it tommorow. Anyone have any ideas about what kind of plane it looks like with the twins and the new nose on it... I can't quite place it...