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Posted by UBILDIT | Mar 02, 2009 @ 12:08 AM | 10,375 Views
I am completely enjoying taking a formerly nitro powered plane and converting it not only to electric, but into my personal vision of a sleek, simple Reno Racer that will not only look good, but be something different. I traded a few items for this World Models Dago Red Mustang even though I hated the color scheme. I wish I could find a picture or two of it as it was when I got it. Although it was in good shape structurally, and came with a brand new cowling all I could think of was how good it would look in any other color. So after some thought and the idea to name it after my good friend Vyceroy I came up with what I thought a Reno Racer Mustang named "The Vyceroy" would look like. Barring any unforseen problems, I'll have it flying at SEFF and cant wait to see if it gets a few extra glances from those who see it. The re-covering process has by no means been perfect, but it has been good enough for me to be happy with it. It won't win any competitions for detail or scale appearance, but the cool part is that it is actually turning out better than I had hoped it would. Here are a few pictures of the process and the latest picture I took when the last bit of the initial covering... no graphics or touch up yet... went on the plane. I hope anyone viewing this will enjoy seeing what is possible .... and I'm not really that good at it... LOL...