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Posted by UBILDIT | Feb 19, 2009 @ 12:46 AM | 11,579 Views
Well, once again it's time to be already behind in the things I'm building for SEFF coming up in April/May. I've got my reservations, rented a huge RV for myself, Vyceroy and Hippo to live in ... now I just got to get a few things finished.
I like to bring at least one new and really cool thing to SEFF each year. Last year it was the big 8 Cell Super Chipmunk and the twin pusher large F-14 with retracts.

This year it's a 60 Size Nitro plane and a Deuces Wild. The 60 sized plane is a World Models Dago Red Mustang that I'm recovering in a black and silver scheme. It' will be powered by 6-8 lipo cells and should be quite fast. What's even better is that it was free. I'm calling it "The Vyceroy" and the graphics on it should be quite amuzing or at least cool.

The Deuces Wild ... I, with the help of mr. Vyceroy won on E-bay for a little over $100.00. It had a few cracked ribs that were easily repaired and I am begining the setup process on it soon.
I'm looking very forward to seeing everyone there as I do each year and doing some great flying and having some great fellowship as always. See ye at SEFF.